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Making Plans For The Next Year Posted by on Dec 30, 2020

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The time is approaching to take stock and make New Year’s Resolutions: make yourself promises and plans for the next year. Let’s summarize the year’s results (результаты) first. 2020 has been a crazy year. But finally, it is ending. After the holiday wishes (пожелания) this year, people invariably add, “I hope 2021 is a better…

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Expressions with себя in Russian Posted by on Aug 15, 2016

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You may remember the word себя, oneself. Apart from its independent usage, forms of this word are also used in several handy expressions. Себя Overview Себе is a reflexive pronoun pointing back to the subject of the sentence. The primary meaning of себя is “myself, yourself,” etc., depending on the subject. Он не узнал себя в…

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A Whole Lot of Nothing: Sayings with Ничего in Russian Posted by on Jun 29, 2015

Ничего́ (nothing) one of these seemingly basic words that you learn in the first months of learning Russian. However, it is also one that appears in a number of idioms and expressions that are not immediately obvious to the learner. 1. Ничего for doing well Ничего is a popular response to the question “Как…

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Russian Set Expressions: It’s All in Your Hands Posted by on Jul 2, 2014

In the process of acquiring any foreign language the importance of set expressions cannot be underestimated. Scarce or nonexistent knowledge of these language units is what frequently makes us feel as if our mastery of the language is still in its infancy stages. However, people who have invested their time in learning and implementing…

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And the Winner of Russian Presidential Election 2012 is Posted by on Mar 5, 2012

Way back, when the genre of рекламный ролик (advertising clip) was in its infancy in Russia, there was a commercial with a tagline При всём богатстве выбора другой альтернативы нет (Given all the choice, there is no other alternative). Coincidentally, at about the same time свободные выборы (free elections) in Russia were also in their…

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From Exasperating to Unobtrusive – Customer Service Words Posted by on Dec 9, 2011

Hello! Boy, am I happy to be back! I apologize for such a long absence from the blog. In case you have been wondering, I am not trekking across Siberia nor is my time taken up by re-reading “War and Peace” for the umpteenth time. I have been stranded без ноутбука (without a laptop) or…

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