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Making Plans For The Next Year Posted by on Dec 30, 2020 in language, Vocabulary

The time is approaching to take stock and make New Year’s Resolutions: make yourself promises and plans for the next year.

Let’s summarize the year’s results (результаты) first.

2020 has been a crazy year. But finally, it is ending. After the holiday wishes (пожелания) this year, people invariably add, “I hope 2021 is a better year for all of us!”

2021 Loading bar

Image by iXimus from Pixabay

On the other hand, 2020 wasn’t boring, was it? We managed to adapt to the new reality: working from home, having parties at the computer, signing contracts with an electronic signature. Our dining rooms have become home offices, kids’ bedrooms are now their classrooms, and the basements have been converted to online conference rooms.

We learned the names and habits of our colleagues’ pets. Incidents happened when the microphone did not turn off but should have; or didn’t turn on at all; children were drawing on the walls in the background while their mom was discussing a work project on a webinar (by the way, no one distracted them from the art, and you know exactly why); or a professor who was teaching the whole lesson with bunny ears because he couldn’t find how to turn off that effect in Zoom. But the worst thing was to click the “leave” button instead of “share,” especially if you were the one who started the meeting.

No one knows yet when it will be possible to return to normal life, so making plans for the future is still problematic. However, we can still control many aspects of life. So take out your notebook (блокнот) and start creating a draft (черновик).

Personally, I like to structure (структурировать) everything, so I start planning by creating a schema (схема). I’ll use the Balance Wheel of Life today.

Balance Wheel Of Life

Image by author

Step (шаг) 1 – Priority (Приоритет)

First, you need to identify, prioritize, and write down the 4-8 most important aspects of your life. In each of them, you need to roughly indicate the level of your satisfaction with it. Use a highlighter. For example, I’m happy with my career – I highlight the entire section. I have long wanted to improve my Spanish (this refers to the Personal Growth block for me). But lately, I have been spending little time on it – I highlight the fourth part of the Personal Growth segment. But my priorities remain family and health.

You can take notes (записи) next to the areas.

Не пытайтесь объять необъятное. (Don’t try to reach for the stars.)

Step 2 – Analysis (Анализ)

Then analyze the Wheel. Choose what worries you the most, and do not waste your time on everything that could be done in a year, leave yourself room for fun and rest.

Успевайте жить! (Have time to live!)

I see that the Personal Growth part is a little highlighted in comparison with the rest. This is definitely worth working on.

New Year's Goals

Image by Marco Verch Professional Photographer from Flickr

Step 3 – Goals (Цели)

Set one goal for each area of the Wheel. They should not be difficult to achieve in a year. Write them down in your notebook. Remember that goals can change over time.

I plan to start watching movies in Spanish without subtitles.

Step 4 – Desires (Желания)

I hope you remember to dream (мечта) sometimes. Complete your goals list (список) with desires and wantings (желания). Precise wording (точная формулировка) is essential here.

Не путайте мечты с целями. (Don’t confuse dreams and goals.)

I would love to go to Spain in a year.

To Do List 2021

Image by Marco Verch Professional Photographer from Flickr

Step 5 – To-Do List (Список дел)

Write down all the important things you need to do during the year. Divide tasks by seasons, months, and weeks according to the schedule (график) you already know. It’s a good habit to schedule the next day or week. Now take your new 2021 planner (планировщик) and put your to-do list in there.

I need to sign up for the language course I have chosen.

Step 6 – Pathways (Пути достижения результата)

Think of a way to achieve the desired result; consider a course of action. In this case, the correct sequence (последовательность) is important.

I will be taking a Spanish course at Transparent Language twice a week. I love its innovative technology and teaching methods. You can try it yourself for FREE. Then I’ll start reading children’s books and watching shows in Spanish.


Pen and notebook with Plan 2021

Image by Marco Verch Professional Photographer from Flickr

Step 7 – Time Management (Тайм-менеджмент)

Check your schedule. Write down all known deadlines (крайние сроки), appointments, and birthdays that you plan (план) to go to. If you know the exact time, even better.

Не стройте «наполеоновских планов». (Don’t make «Napoleonic plans.»)

This is more difficult for me. The appointments must first be made. But I remember some other important dates.

Step 8 – Thank Yourself (Поблагодари себя)

This is the most pleasurable step. Reward (наградите) yourself for every goal you achieve (достигли).

Once I understand the whole movie without subtitles, I’ll go to the spa for a chocolate wrap.


Some people enjoy the results, while others like the process of moving forward. I wish you to make your dreams come true in the new year!

And I hope 2021 is a better year for all of us!

Happy New Year!

Goodbye 2020

Image by Marco Verch Professional Photographer from Flickr



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  1. David:

    Para nosotros los ingleses el espanol es mucho mas facil que el ruso! If you can watch a film in Spanish you’ll be doing better than me – I’ve visited Spain many times, given lectures in Spanish, can hold fluent conversations, but I’ve never managed to watch a film and follow the dialogue. Maybe it’s because my hearing’s got worse as I get older. Suerte, y todos los mejores del ano nuevo

    • Nadya:

      @David ¡Gracias David!
      Then it looks like I need to work very hard on it 🙂 Now I am at the very beginning of the journey.
      ¡Les deseo todo lo mejor para el nuevo año!