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Protect Your Home With Domovoi Posted by on Mar 18, 2021


If you want to protect your home, you do not have to install security cameras and alarms. You can get a domovoi. What is “домовой“ Домово́й (domovoi, domovoy, or domovoj – singular, домовы́е–domovye – plural; literally, “[it] of the house”) is a house spirit in Slavic (славя́нский) folklore (фолькло́р). You can also read about other…

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Назовите Эту Птицу! (Name That Bird!) Posted by on Jul 9, 2012

A laquer-box and a CD cover depicting the Жар-Птица (''Fire Bird'')

Today, we’re going to get some sentence-reading practice as we play a round of that thrilling new шоу-викторина (“trivia-game show”), Назовите Эту Птицу! (“Name That Bird!”). And without further ado, here’s the ведущая (“TV-show hostess, moderator”) of our show, direct from her sold-out concert appearances in Vegas! Дамы и господа (“ladies and gentlemen”), please put…

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Fairy Tale Living Posted by on May 26, 2011

Do you love reading about Russia and all things Russian, however quirky they might be? Do you love «русские народные сказки» [Russian fairy tales]? Are you interested in the latest developments in «русско-украинские отношения» [Russian-Ukrainian relations]? Do you enjoy looking at «занимательные картинки» [entertaining pictures]? If you answered «да» (do I really need to…

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