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15 Funny English Phrases To Help You Learn Russian Expressions Posted by on Jul 9, 2020

Yellow Hearts

The Phonetic Association Method is a way to make vocabulary learning easier. The strategy is based on the selection of resembled sounds. With it, you can memorize up to 30-50 words per day. It is a life hack, when in a short time you need to learn a large number of words. Using this method…

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Do Native Speakers Ever Struggle To Pronounce Russian Sounds? Posted by on Feb 12, 2018

boy with a microphone

Perhaps you struggle to pronounce certain sounds in Russian. Can’t roll your Rs? Have a hard time making soft consonant sounds? First, be sure to check out our pronunciation tips. Second, you’re not alone! There are native speakers who have articulation challenges and need to see a speech pathologist (логопед). Let us look at some…

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Speak Russian без акцента in just one month!!(?) Posted by on Jul 25, 2012

Okay, maybe it’s not actually possible for a student of Russian to speak «без акцента» (“without a foreign accent”) in just a month — heck, I started studying the language in 1989 and I still haven’t completely gotten rid of my US-English акцент! But with the caveat that my Russian pronunciation is far from native…

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Russian Internet Slang: «Олбанский язык» or «Жаргон падонков» Posted by on May 1, 2009

If you can’t see the hilarious comic above with Н. В. Гоголь [N. V. Gogol’] burning his second volume of «Мёртвые души» [“Dead Souls”] and the people in the background saying: «Аффтар жжот!» which is Russian internet slang for «автор зажигает!» [the author (of a post etc) rules, i.e. sets on fire], you can always…

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