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15 Funny English Phrases To Help You Learn Russian Expressions Posted by on Jul 9, 2020 in Grammar, language, Russian for beginners, Vocabulary

The Phonetic Association Method is a way to make vocabulary learning easier. The strategy is based on the selection of resembled sounds. With it, you can memorize up to 30-50 words per day. It is a life hack, when in a short time you need to learn a large number of words.

Using this method, English words merge, forming new combinations in Russian. In its sound, a Russian word can be similar to some English words, but do not forget that these words are completely different in meaning.

After reading the expression in English, imagine its vivid picture. You can even come up with a whole story about this object using mnemonic technics. When there are phrases, remember them as they are. For Russian-speaking people to understand you, words must be in the correct order, and not mixed. Read what a similar sound means in Russian. The associated image will link the original meaning with the one you are learning. This will work both ways when you hear this word or phrase, either in English or Russian. The regular practice of such memorization methods will soon transform at an unconscious level.

Let’s begin our word game!

1. ‘Yellow blue bus’

Я люблю́ вас (ya lyublyú vas) – I love you (plural; is used whenever you are speaking to more than one person).

Я люблю́ Вас (ya lyublyú Vas) – I love you (singular; a formal way of addressing one person).

*When you speak to someone close to you, you can say ‘Я люблю́ тебя́ (ya lyublyú tebya).

Yellow Hearts

Image by SurFeRGiRL30 Flickr

2. ‘Go loss’

Го́лос (gólos) – Voice; vote

3. ‘Our device is Korea’

Одева́йся скоре́е (odevájsja skoréje) – Get dressed soon

Say ‘Our device is Korea’ when you are in a hurry to get out, but your Russian friend is still not ready. He or she will definitely understand what you mean.

4. ‘Two pizza’

Tупи́ца (tupíca) – Fool, stupid person

One pizza is one pizza in Russian. But two pizzas turn into a stupid person if your interlocutor does not hear ‘s’ at the end. Never order pizza, saying: ‘I want these two pizzas’.

5. ‘Far took’

Фа́ртук (fártuk) Apron

6. ‘So walk’

Сово́к (sovók) – Dustpan; scoop

7. ‘Cool in are’

Кулина́р (kulinár) – Cook, culinary specialist

8. ‘Boots are off’

Будь здоро́в! (bud’ zdoróv) – Bless you!

9. ‘Horror show’

Хорошо́ (khoroshó) – Fine, good, OK

Horrow show’ sounds exactly like ‘Хорошо́ for Russian-speaking if to say it fast.

Image by Aurélien Michaud Flickr

10. ‘What can I do?’

Во́дки найду́! (vódku najdú) – I’ll find vodka!

After you ask the question ‘What can I do?’, you will probably see a smile on your friend’s face or even get a bottle of vodka.

11. ‘Upper rat’

Аппара́т (apparát) – Equipment, device, apparatus

12. ‘Bread’

Бред (bred) – Drivel, ramble, rave

13. ‘Sled’

След (sled) – Footprint; trace, track

14. ‘Primer’

Приме́р (primér) – Example, sample

15. ‘Look’

Лук (luk) – Onion

Funny, but the phrase ‘Хороший лук(khoróshyj luk) can mean either – a good onion or a good outfit since using English words in the Russian language is a current trend.

Take other Russian words, come up with unusual and original situations that will remain in your memory for a long time.

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