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“What Would You Do In 1917?” Russian Writers On The Anniversary of the Revolution Posted by on Nov 14, 2017

crowd demonstrating

November 7 marked the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution in Russia. The Russian magazine Дружба народов (Friendship of the People) asked several writers about their outlook on that event. Each person was asked the following questions, abridged here: С кем вы?  Кого́ защища́ете и про́тив кого́ выступа́ете? Каки́м хоти́те ви́деть бу́дущее Росси́и? Как вы объясня́ете свой…

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There’s Something Right About This Picture… Posted by on Nov 3, 2008

By the time everyone guessed right – to which I must say «молодцы!» – my Korean roommate counted just how many new words she’s been learning a week, and fixed it in the following manner: «160 (сто шестдесять) новых слов за неделю!» [160 new words a week!]. Now is there anyone out there prepared to…

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