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There’s Something Right About This Picture… Posted by on Nov 3, 2008 in Uncategorized

By the time everyone guessed right – to which I must say «молодцы!» – my Korean roommate counted just how many new words she’s been learning a week, and fixed it in the following manner: «160 (сто шестдесять) новых слов за неделю [160 new words a week!]. Now is there anyone out there prepared to be even more ambitious?

Tomorrow is the 4th of November, a day which was known as «День согласия и примирения» [The Day of Agreement and Reconciliation] the first time that I was blessed with an opportunity to celebrate it in Russia (in Saint Petersburg back in 2004). It became my favorite Russian holiday, and because of this often I joke in the following way: «В том году я так примирилась, что голова потом три дня болела [That year I reconciled so much that my head hurt for three days afterwards!] Russians find this comment very funny. I do too, and though I did ‘reconcile’ back then primarily in combination with alchol, the back lash of too much ‘agreement’ only lasted half a day… Since then a lot of water has passed under many bridges, and the day is now called «День народного единства» [The Day of (People) Unity]. I wonder in what way I should celebrate it? With sleeping in, that’s a given… but then what? I’ll be back!

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  1. Peggy Verrall:

    Just to say again how much I enjoy your blogs and look forward to them. I wish I could manage 160 words a week – your room mate is doing well, who minds about the grammar? I find most Russians happily forgive my grammatical errors!My trouble is that these days, the latest 10 remove the previous week’s words from my memory! (Yes, I do only do about 10 a week!.) Keep the blogs coming!