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What’s wrong with this picture? Posted by on Nov 1, 2008 in Uncategorized

My Korean roommate put up this piece of paper on our wall about a month ago. Only a few days ago did I realize that it is not a correct message in Russian grammatically speaking; no matter how great and ambitious it may be generally speaking. And so I was forced to accept the bitter facts of real life – that I am a foreigner here and that Russian is my third language after all, because I seriously for a whole month could find nothing wrong in this sentence: “100 new words a week!”…. стыд и срам!

Anyway – I will leave it to you guys to discover what’s actually ‘wrong’ in the picture above. [If Russian is your native language, then извините и простите; don’t ruin the fun for the rest of us!]

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  1. Moonyeen Albrecht:

    Надо написать: 100 новых слов!
    (Я американка.)

  2. stas:

    You sentence, I seriously for a whole month could find now wong in this sentence… is a mystery to me…

    Or should it be, I seriously for a whole month could not find now wrong in this sentence?..

    Or, Wong is just the last name of your Korean roommate?..

  3. Don Peterson:

    100 новых слов в неделю.

  4. Alina:

    Russian is my second language, and I have only been studying it for about 6 months, but I think that the correct version would be “100 новыx слова в неделю”

  5. natasha:

    “100 новых слов в неделю” – is correct

  6. Alexey:

    No big Deal! Lots of Russians make the same mistakes.

  7. Wart:

    in this context meant that it will take the period of time (in the accusative case) that follows the preposition to do the implied action (implied because the verb is absent) – which is what he was planning on doing. Assuming that the point of the sign was to learn (perfectively) 100 words every week then as suggested by others the correct preposition is indeed