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Russian Verbs Related To Ставить Posted by on Aug 21, 2017


As our returning readers know, learning Russian verbs is easier and more fun when you can meet an entire verb “family.” We are continuing our popular series on Russian verbs with the same root by looking at verbs with the -став- root. Ставить At its most basic, ставить (imperf.)/поставить (perf.) means to put. Note that…

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Penny For Your Thoughts: Words With ‑мысл‑ In Russian Posted by on May 18, 2017

thinking man

Have you read our previous articles about word families yet? Learners may find it useful to see how words with the same root express different meanings depending on prefixes and suffixes. This time, we will look at words with the мысл/мышл root, all having to do with thinking and intention. Мысль Мысль is the word for…

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Open and Closed: Verbs With -крыть in Russian Posted by on Mar 27, 2017

water valve

Открыть (to open) is one of the first Russian verbs we learn. In fact, its conjugation was covered extensively on this blog. There are many related verbs with the -кры- root whose meaning has to do with opening or closing something. I will be listing the imperfective and perfective form for each verb. Открывать/открыть The…

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A Sight to Behold: “Vision” Words with ‑з(о)р‑ in Russian Posted by on Mar 20, 2017

glasses on top of an open page

Many readers have commented they enjoy learning related words in “families.” Today, we will look at a group of words with the root -зр-/-зор-, all having to do with seeing. Зрение — Vision The most basic word in this family is зрение (vision, eyesight). This refers to the physiological ability to perceive things with your…

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Believe It Or Not: Верить And Related Words in Russian Posted by on Mar 15, 2017

adult holding toddler in his arms

Верить (to believe) and other related words cover various concepts having to do with confidence, reliability, and loyalty in Russian. Let us look at seven of these concepts. Верить The most basic word is верить (to believe). There are two ways you can use it: верить + в + accusative case — to believe in something/someone верить…

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Mutually Beneficial: Russian Words With Взаимо- You Need To Know Posted by on Dec 6, 2016

at the market

Взаимо- is a useful root that lets you create compound words with the sense of “mutual” or “two-way.” This post will list some common words made with that root. First, взаимо-  is related to the adjective “взаимный,” “mutual.” Сохрани́ть доброжела́тельность, чу́вство взаи́много уваже́ния, любви́ ― о́чень сло́жная шту́ка. (Keeping that friendliness, the feeling of mutual respect and…

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Russian Verbs With Prefixes: -явить Posted by on Jun 28, 2016

hands holding small photographs

Our previous posts about verbs with prefixes were met with enthusiasm, so this time, let us look a group of important verbs with the root -яв-. The general meaning of this root is “to be or to make evident.” Являться One of the most frequent verbs from this group is являться, which is a formal…

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