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This Weekend It’s All About Her, in Russia Posted by on Mar 4, 2015 in Culture, language, Russian life

Despite all the political chaos that Russia seems to be afflicted with right now, most Russians will turn their attention away from politics this coming weekend. In Russia, March 8th  , which falls on a Sunday this year, is International Women’s Day. If you are not familiar with the origins of this holiday, I recommend searching for my post from last year.

This year, as an extension of this topic, I decided to come up with a list of expressions centered entirely around women. In Russia we have a saying “женщина любит ушами”. The literal translation of this saying is “a woman loves with her ears.” The saying implies that women like to hear compliments and nice things about themselves. 

We all have women in our lives who can use some nice words or compliments. If any of these women happen to be Russian, here is your chance to wow them with your new vocabulary!

Ты прекрасно выглядишь – You look wonderful

Ты выглядишь моложе своих лет – You look younger than you actually are

Тебе идет этот цвет – This color looks great on you

Мне нравится твоя прическа – I like your hairstyle 

У тебя прекрасное чувство вкуса – You have a great sense of style

Мне с тобой хорошо – I feel great when I am with you

У тебя заразительный смех – Your laughter is contagious 

Я готов провести с тобой вечность – I am ready to spend an eternity  with you

Я не могу на тебя насмотреться – I can’t stop looking at you

Я не могу отвести от тебя глаз – I can’t take my eyes off of you

У тебя очень загадочная улыбка – You have a very mysterious smile

Ты делаешь меня счастливым – You make me happy

Ты не перестаешь меня удивлять – You are full of surprises

У тебя прекрасное чувство юмора – You have a great sense of humor

Ты меня дополняешь – You complete me

С тобой легко разговаривать – You are easy to talk to

У нас с тобой много общего – We have a lot in common

Ты очень интересная личность – You are a very interesting person

After some practice, these should be pretty easy to put to good use :-).

Before you go, here is a short joke in Russian on the subject of… women :-).

Всего хорошего!

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  1. Jed Dowd:

    Jenya, thank you for your on-going literary contributions!

    • Jenya:

      @Jed Dowd Jed, всегда пожалуйста! Feel free to add to the list!