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A different kind of social manifestations during Spanish Carnival: Chirigotas. Posted by on Feb 21, 2013 in Spanish Culture, Spanish Vocabulary

If you read any Spanish newspaper, or you listen to any news on tv or radio, you´d probably already know the difficult situation that we are living in our country: unemployment, injustice, political corruption, loss of social rights, and more and more people desperate not knowing who will bring a solution.

We have had protests, and will have even more this weekend. This is one way, and probably the best, of showing people´s   uneasiness with our Government. But we also have some more options.

Carnival has been celebrated only a few days ago, and in Cadiz, Andalusia (check here what are we talking about) it is very typical a kind of satiric and protest songs named “chirigota”. As you all are advanced students by now, because you read our posts every day, I want you to try to make an easy exercise. Listen to this one by “Los del piso de abajo” titled “Nací en una familia” (I was born in a family…), talking about all the reductions we are suffering in education, and try to complete the lyrics without looking at the translation. I really hope you enjoy it!

Nací en una __________  herida de post guerra
sin más opción que ____________  con sus manos la tierra
sin mundo ni_____________, sin más verdad que el NODO
porque la ______________  no era un derecho para todos.

Nací en una familia que sin saber las __________
luchó porque sus _____________  lograran otras metas
para que no _______  penurias ni fatigas
por eso me hice ____________ ,
para devolver el gesto
generoso que me dio la ___________.
El __________  sin cultura es la sepultura para el ______________
y se arrodilla _____________ , y traga y calla inconsciente
y es de los fascistas _____________
y a los ricos más ______________,
y a los ______________ más miseria
Un pueblo como el de __________,
o es que ya nadie se _________
Que se le caigan las ____________
al que toque el _____________  de mis hijos
las _____________  al que quiera arrebatarme lo que es mío
y piense que no voy a _____________  por defenderlo.
Pude ________ y formarme,
ya no me callas la _________
y no permito tu ________
la _____________ es de todos
y ¡¡¡NO SE _____!!!


I was born in a family hurt by post war time
With no more options than working the land with their hands
With no world and no culture, with NODO as the only truth
Because education wasn´t a right for everybody

(NO-DO: politized news showed obligatory in cinemas before the movies during Franco´s Government)

I was born in a family that without knowing the alphabet
Fought so that their children got other goals
So that they didn´t suffer neither scarcity nor fatigue.
That´s why I became a teacher, to return the
generous gesture that life had given me.

The people without culture is the grave of progress
And it kneels obedient, and swallows and keeps silence thoughtless
And is of fascists prisoner.
And to rich people, more wealth
And to poor people, more poverty
A people as the old one
¿doesn´t anybody remember?

Do fall the hands of the one
who touches my children´s future
The hands of the one who try to steal what is mine
And think I won’t fight to defend it.
I could study and educate myself
Now you don´t shut my mouth
And I don´t allow your robbery.
Education is for everyone
And it won´t be touched!

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