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OK, so you already know that you form adverbs by adding the -mente ending to adjectives, but did you know that there are several expressions that serve as adverbs and don’t end in -mente? Let’s check out some of them.

Nos sirvió a galope.
He served us very fast.

Los visita a menudo.
He often visits them.

Sólo venden al por mayor.
They only sell wholesale.

Sólo venden al por menor.
They only sell retail.

Salió a la francesa.
He left without saying good-bye.

Hizo la tarea en un santiamén.
He did his homework very quickly.

No lo sé de memoria.
I don’t now it by heart.

Echó a reírse sin más ni más.
He started laughing just like that.

Te lo haré de muy buena gana.
I will do it for you willingly.

Lo hizo de mala gana / a regañadientes.
He did it unwillingly.

Vive a lo grande.
He lives well (in a confortable situation).

Maneja a lo loco.
He drives like crazy.

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