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Guys, have you ever gone shopping with your girlfriends, wives or any female for that matter? How was the experience? Ah, I’m just teasing you to present a little dialogue where a guy has been shopping all day with his girlfriend and then he says he’s exhausted. Take a look!

A: Estoy exhausto. ¿Por qué no vamos ya a casa?
B: Todavía preciso comprar una cosita más.
A: ¿Qué es?
B: Los zapatos, ¿te has olvidado? Quiero echarle un vistazo a la nueva zapatería.
A: Yo prefiero esperarte en el café mientras haces eso.
B: Dale, querido. Sabes que necesito tu opinión. Me siento tan bien cuando me dices que algo me queda bien.
A: Está bien. Tu ganas. Pero hagámoslo rápido.
B: No te preocupes.

So he says he’s exhausto, well, of course he’s exhausted and he suggests going home using the phrase ¿Por qué no…?, which is like its English counterpart, “Why don’t we…?” He adds a little urgence to his sentence using the adverb ya (already).

She says she todavía (still) needs to buy una cosita más (something else) and he ask what is it, ¿Qué es?. She’s forgotten to buy los zapatos (shoes). She wants to echarle un vistazo (take a look at) la nueva zapatería (the new shoe store).

He tries to wiggle out of it by saying he prefiere esperarla (would rather wait for her) at the café mientras (while) she does that. She agrees by saying Dale, querido (OK, darling), but she says that she necesita su opinión (needs his opinion) and she se siente bien (feels well) when he tells her that something le queda bien (looks good on her).

OK, she won, ella gana, he goes, but tells her to do that fast: hagámoslo (hagamos = let’s do it + lo = that) and she tells him not to worry, no te preocupes.

Key words and expressions

exhausto – exhausted
¿Por qué no…? – Why don’t we…?
todavía – still
una cosita – a little thing
olvidarse – forget
echar un vistazao – to take a look
mientras – while
dale – OK
querido – darling
quedar bien – to look good
tú ganas – you win
hagamos – let’s do

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