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Spanish Suffixes: Another Meeting Point for English and Spanish (Part 3) Posted by on Jan 28, 2022

Welcome to the third and last part of my blog about suffixes in Spanish and English, where we will be finishing our linguistic tour by exploring five more of the most common suffixes in both languages.   -idad English equivalent: -ity Usage: This suffix is used to change adjectives into nouns to describe something…

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International Women’s Day Protests in Mexico Posted by on Mar 10, 2021

El 8 de marzo es el Día Internacional de la Mujer (March 8 is International Women’s Day). In the Spanish-speaking world, it’s often referenced as “8-M” for 8 de marzo.  Esta fecha no es una celebración festiva, pero es un día para visualizar la desigualdad de género (This date is not a festive celebration, but…

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Rhythms of Latin America: Bachata Posted by on Feb 25, 2021

There is a name that is today a synonym of modern Latin dance: bachata, which goes hand in hand with salsa and merengue as the high representatives of Latin American pop music all around the world. Where did bachata come from? It was born in the Dominican Republic’s countryside during the first half of the…

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¿Cómo es la comida chilena? Posted by on Feb 11, 2021

In case you haven’t noticed by now, we love talking about food here on the Spanish blog. You can find some of my past posts introducing the cuisine from Mexico, Peru, and Colombia, for example. In today’s post I’ll continue our gastronomic tour around Latin America by answering the question “¿Cómo es la comida chilena?”…

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Rhythms of Latin America: Rock en Español Posted by on Jan 29, 2021

If there is one music style that was popularized like lightning throughout the 20th century everywhere in the Spanish-speaking world, that would definitely be the rock genre, one that is known today as an unmistakable part of the popular culture from Spain and Latin America. Rock became widespread known to Hispanics from the 1950s onward…

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Top Spanish Songs of 2020 Posted by on Jan 28, 2021

There were a lot of things about 2020 that sucked. The year wasn’t all bad, though. At least we had some good music to get us through the tough times! As I always like to do, I’m counting down some of the top Spanish songs of 2020. I’ll share the music videos as well as…

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Rhythms of Latin America: Merengue Posted by on Jan 27, 2021

To talk about merengue is to talk about a Caribbean music genre with an irresistible power to draw everyone—from Caracas to New York—to the dancefloor. With its roots deep within the Dominican Republic’s colonial past, merengue emerged near the midpoint of the 19th century as a staple of the rural class expanding to the country’s…

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