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Hi, everybody! How’s it going?

I went to Buenos Aires in 2010 and while strolling along Calle Florida I stopped at a newsstand and bought some magazines, mostly teen ones.

Yesterday I was cleaning up my room and found a copy of Pop Star magazine and decided to go to their website. There I found some news about a TV series called Graduados. Here’s the Wikipedia plot:

Loli (Nancy Dupláa) y Andy (Daniel Hendler) fueron compañeros del secundario (high school friends) en los años ochenta (in the eighties) y no volvieron a verse en 19 años.

Andy continuó con una vida relajada (easy lilfe) y se ha jurado (he swore) vivir bajo una filosofía particular que está relacionada a no perder la libertad (lose the freedom) de la juventud y no acabar nunca con la diversión, conservando los mismos amigos del secundario Tuca (Mex Urtizberea) y Vero (Julieta Ortega), y teniendo un trabajo cómodo y sencillo (a comfortable and simple job) como el de pasear perros (to walk dogs).

Loli se casó, tuvo un hijo (had a son), Martín (Gastón Soffritti) y formó una familia con apariencia ideal con Pablo (Luciano Cáceres), rival de Andy en el secundario.

El cruce (encounter) de ellos dos les revelará un secreto inesperado (an unexpected secret) que cambiará sus vidas para siempre, y los obligará a ellos (will make them) y al resto de los graduados, a replantearse (reconsider) que han hecho con sus deseos de la adolescencia.

I also found out that you can watch Graduados on Youtube on Telefe’s channel, for free! What a great way to improve your Spanish! Check out the first chapter!

Graduados – Capítulo 1 – Part 1

Graduados – Capítulo 1 – Part 2

Graduados – Capítulo 1 – Parte 3

If you’re reading this post in your e-mail, click here to watch the videos.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Noor-e-Hira:

    Heya Adir, I hope you are doing fine. I really learn from your posts but there’s a little problem which I am facing for quite a time. youtube is banned in Pakistan and I cannot access to many videos, so I wanted to ask you that please could you provide me a link of these videos on other site? As I am very passionate about learning Spanish and I don’t want to miss any chance to improve it. Please consider my request.