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The superlative with “-ísimo” in Spanish Posted by on Mar 11, 2013 in Spanish Grammar

In Spanish we can say that something is “the most / -est” also by using the ending -ísimo(a). Check out how this superlative is formed.

1. Most adjectives

barato [cheap] – baratísimo
Este hotel es baratísimo. [This hotel is extremely cheap.]

grande [big] – grandísimo
Él tiene una casa grandísima. [He has an extremely big house.]

fácil [easy] – facilísimo
Estos problemas son facilísimos de resolver. [These problems are extremely easy to solve.]

difícil [difficult] – dificilísimo
Estas frases son dificilísimas. No sé pronunciarlas. [These sentences are super difficult. I can’t pronounce them.]

2. Adjectives ending in -able end with -bilísimo(a)

agradable [nice] – agradabilísimo
amable [lovely] – amabilísimo
notable [remarkable] – notabilísimo
miserable [miserable] – misirabilísimo

3. Some adjectives that have an “r” in their last syllable replace it with -érrimo(a)

acre [acrid] – acérrimo
célebre [famous] – celebérrimo
libre [free] – lebérrimo
mísero [meager] – misérrimo
salubre [healthy] – salubérrimo

4. If the adjective ends in -n, -dor and -or the suffix usually changes to císimo(a)

inferior [inferior] – inferiorcísimo
hablador [talkative] – habladorcísimo
joven [young] – jovencísimo

5. More common irregular adjetives

amargo [bitter] – amarguísimo
antiguo [old] – antiquísimo
blanco [white] – blanquísimo
caliente [hot] – calentísimo
cómico [funny] – comiquísimo
feliz [happy] – felicísimo
fresco [fresh] – fresquísimo
largo [long] – larguísimo
rico [rich] – riquísimo

Tip: you can always use the muy + adjective to express if you’re not sure how to use the -ísimo superlative.

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  1. Josh jones:

    Las olas de Puerto Rico son grandísimos.

  2. Callme Daddy:

    whats 9 + 10? 21!

  3. Manuel Hernández:

    libre > libérrimo