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¡Hola! ¿Cómo estáis?

Today we are going to practice how to manage speaking Spanish when buying clothes in a shop or street market.

Answers to all tasks involved in this lesson will be given at the end of the post and you can also follow a link with this post to watch the original theory video lesson on the same topic.

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Prices and shopping for clothes in Spanish

1. First, let’s see if you know what these Spanish clothes words mean:

– Sombrero
– Vestido
– Pantalones
– Gorro
– Zapatos
– Abrigo
– Chancletas
– Camiseta
– Traje
– Jersey

2. Next, please translate the following clothes vocabulary from English to Spanish:

– Cap
– Jeans
– Shirt
– Jacket
– Sandals
– Blouse
– Slippers
– Trainers/Sneakers
– Skirt
– Suit

3. Now let´s see if you recognize these Spanish clothes and their colours:

– Unos zapatos rojos
– Un abrigo verde
– Una camiseta amarilla
– Una chaqueta marrón
– Unas sandalias azules

4. Please translate the following clothes with their colour to Spanish:

– A purple jumper
– Some pink shoes
– A red skirt
– A blue hat
– Some grey sandals

5. Next let´s practice saying “this” “these” “that” or “those” with some clothes. How do you say this in Spanish?

– These blue shoes
– That orange jumper
– Those red slippers
– That black jacket
– This white blouse

6. Finally, I will say some phrases in Spanish that could be used in a clothes shop. Let´s see if you know what they mean:

– Esta chaqueta es un poco cara.
– Quiero devolver estos pantalones
– ¿Puedo probarme esta chaqueta?
– Oiga perdone
– ¿Tiene esta camiseta en la talla grande?

This is all for today.

I hope you have enjoyed this review and that you feel confident enough to do a bit of shopping and speak to the shop assistants when you come to a Spanish speaking country. It is a great way to practice your Spanish.

¡Have a fantastic week!

¡Hasta luego!

I hope you are enjoying my weekly Spanish lessons. Follow this link for many more great resources to help you learn and practice Spanish.


– Hat
– Dress
– Trousers/Pants
– Woolly hat
– Shoes
– Coat
– Flip-flops
– T-shirt
– Suit
– Jumper

– Gorra
– Vaqueros
– Camisa
– Chaqueta
– Sandalias
– Blusa
– Zapatillas de casa
– Zapatillas de deporte
– Falda
– Traje

– Some red shoes
– A green coat
– A yellow T-shirt
– A brown jacket
– Some blue sandals

– Un jersey morado
– Unos zapatos rosas
– Una falda roja
– Un sombrero azul
– Unas sandalias grises

– Estos zapatos azules
– Ese jersey naranja
– Esas zapatillas de casa rojas
– Esa chaqueta negra
– Esta blusa blanca

– This jacket is a bit expensive
– I want to return these trousers/pants
– Can I try this jacket?
– Excuse me
– Have you got this T-shirt in a large?

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