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Spanish Lesson Beginner 6 Bar vocabulary and how to order in a bar Posted by on Oct 6, 2010 in Spanish Culture, Spanish Grammar, Spanish Vocabulary, Videos

¡Hola! ¿Qué tal?

I hope you are all well and enjoying my series of Spanish video lessons. Today we are going to see some food and drink bar vocabulary and how to order in a bar.

In Spain we order tapas in the bars which are small snack sized portions of different food combinations. So now we will see some typical Spanish bar snack ingredients:

Comida: Food
Tortilla de patata: Spanish omelette
Aceitunas: Olives
Queso: Cheese
Jamón serrano: Cured ham
Jamón ibérico: Best quality cured ham
Jamón de York/Jamón cocido: Cooked ham
Calamares a la romana / rabas: Squid fried in batter
Bocadillo de ……: ……. roll
Bocadillo de jamón: Ham roll
Sandwich de jamón y queso: Ham and cheese sandwich
Patatas fritas: Chips/Crisps
Empanadillas: Little Spanish pasties

When ordering your bar food you might need to say:

Una ración de… : A portion of…
Dos raciones de…: Two portions of…
Un / una …: A…
Un bocadillo de queso: A cheese roll
Unos/unas…: Some…
Unas aceitunas: some olives

Of course you will also want to drink something, so let’s take a look at some typical drinks:

Agua: Water
Agua con gas: Sparkling water
Agua sin gas: Still water
Cerveza: Beer
Caña: Small glass of beer (draft)
Clara: Shandy
Vino (tinto/blanco): Wine (red/white)
Refresco: Fizzy drink
Café (solo/con leche/ cortado): Coffee (espresso/with milk/small with milk)
Té: Tea
Zumo de naranja: Orange juice

When ordering your drink you might need to say:

Un / una… : A…
Un café con leche: A coffee with milk
Una botella de…: A bottle of…
Una botella de vino tinto: A Bottle of red wine
Un vaso de…: A glass of…
Un vaso de agua: A glass of water
Una jarra de …: A jug of…
Una jarra de cerveza: a jug of beer
Con hielo: With ice
Sin hielo: Without ice

Now let’s see some things you are likely to hear or say when speaking with a bar waiter:

¿Qué quieres tomar? : What would you like to have?
Quiero…: I would like…/I want…
No quiero: I don´t want…
¿Algo más?: Anything else?
¿Tienes …?: Have you got…?

When you come to pay for your bar food and drinks you will need to ask for the bill and understand prices in Spanish:

¿Cuánto es?: How much is it?
Euros: Euros (listen to the pronunciation in the video)
$: Dólares (listen to the pronunciation in the video)
1€: Un euro
1$: Un dólar
5€: Cinco euros
5$: Cinco dólares
2.50€: Dos euros con cincuenta
2.50$: Dos dólares con cincuenta
75 céntimos (€): 75 cents
75 centavos ($): 75 cents
Toma: Take it/Here you are
Vale: OK

I really hope that you all find this lesson useful and hope that you come to Spain soon to try some of our fantastic tapas and wine. I am from the Basque Country in the north of Spain and there we call tapas “Pintxos”. I know I must be a bit biased, but I highly recommend an afternoon in the old part of Bilbao or San Sebastian roaming from bar to bar taking a pintxo in each one, washed down with a “Zurito” (a very small beer) or a “Txikito” (a very small wine). You won’t be disappointed!

That’s all for today, have a great day and see you next time for another Spanish lesson.


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    Thank you for the advice. I am travelling to Bilbao in 2 weeks and want to do my best to absorb the culture and attempt to “fit in” as much as possible so this was very helpful to read.

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      @rich Good for you Rich! The locals will appreciate your effort for sure!! Bilbao is a wonderful city. You will have a great time. Saludos, Laura