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Beginner Spanish Review Lesson 12 Using Ser and Estar to make descriptions in Spanish Posted by on Feb 5, 2013 in Learning, Spanish Grammar, Spanish Vocabulary, Videos

¡Hola a todos!

Today in our Spanish review lesson we will practice using the Spanish verbs To be – El verbo Estar and El verbo Ser – and describing personality and feelings in Spanish.

Answers to all tasks involved in this lesson will be given at the end of the post and you can also follow a link with this post to watch the original theory video lesson.

To go back and watch the original video lesson please follow this link:

Descriptions in Spanish related to personality and feelings

1. First, let´s see if you remember the Spanish verb El verbo estar I will say a person (yo, tú, nosotros, etc) and you have to make the correct conjunction of the verb Estar. For example: “Ellos” = “Están”:

– Nosotros
– Ella
– Yo
– Vosotros
– Ustedes
– Tú

2. Next, please translate the following sentences:

– Estamos enfadados
– No estoy contento
– María está nerviosa
– Carmen y Sonia están preocupadas
– ¿Estáis cansados?
– Estoy tranquilo
– ¿Estás triste?
– ¿Ustedes están contentos?

3. Let´s see now if you remember the Spanish verb Ser. I will say a person (yo, tú, nosotros, etc) and you have to make the correct conjunction of the verb Ser. For example: “Ellos” = “Son”:

– Tú
– Yo
– Él
– Nosotros
– Ustedes
– Vosotros

4. Next, please translate the following sentences:

– Carlos es vago
– Alfredo y Carla son listos
– ¿Eres ordenado?
– Somos amables
– Ana no es vaga
– Eres divertida
– Ustedes son simpáticos
– Sois alegres

5. Now translate these sentences from English to Spanish using Ser or Estar:

– I am sad
– Pedro is boring
– Pedro is bored
– We are not worried
– Are you lazy? (to one person/formal)
– You are good fun (to one person/friendly)
– They are calm
– Lola is clever

This is all for today.

I hope you are clear on when to use Ser or Estar when describing people. I recommend that you write lots of descriptions of people using what you have practiced in this lesson so that everything sticks in your head.

Have a great day and … ¡Hasta pronto!

I hope you are enjoying my weekly Spanish lessons. Follow this link for many more great resources to help you learn and practice Spanish.


– Nosotros estamos
– Ella está
– Yo estoy
– Vosotros estáis
– Ustedes están
– Tú estás

– We are angry
– I am not happy
– María is nervous
– Carmen and Sonia are worried
– Are you tired? (group/friendly)
– I am calm
– Are you sad? (one person/friendly)
– Are you happy? (group/formal)

– Tú eres
– Yo soy
– Él es
– Nosotros somos
– Ustedes son
– Vosotros sois

– Carlos is lazy
– Alfredo and Carla are clever
– Are you tidy? (one person/friendly)
– We are kind
– Ana is not lazy
– You are good fun
– You are friendly (group/formal)
– You are happy people (group/friendly)

– Estoy triste
– Pedro es aburrido
– Pedro está aburrido
– No estamos preocupados/as
– ¿Es usted vago?
– Eres divertido/a
– Están tranquilos
– Lola es lista

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