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So if you think that news from Colombia only mean Latin bombshell Shakira and drug trafficking, think again: Juanes (Juan Esteban Aristizábal Vásquez) is here to stay. The 35-year-old was a member of the heavy metal band Ekhymosis but disbanded the group in 1998 to pursue a solo career. Besides being a best-selling recording artist and having won more than ten Latin Grammys so far, Juanes is also known for his humanitarian work, especially with aid for Colombian victims of anti-personnel mines. In 2006, French Culture Minister Renaud Donnedie awarded Juanes with the highest cultural honor given by France, L’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, declaring him “Knight in the order of Arts and Letters” for his work in social activism.
One of his latest videos, Me Enamora (It makes me fall in love) was released on October 23rd, 2007. Here´s the lyrics and the underlined expressions and words are translated:

Me enamora

Cada blanco de mi mente
Se vuelve color con verte
Y el deseo de tenerte (desire)
Es más fuerte, es más fuerte

Sólo quiero que me lleves
De tu mano por la senda (path)
Y atravesar el bosque (woods)
Que divide nuestras vidas

Hay tantas cosas que me gustan hoy de ti…

Me enamora que me hables con tu boca
Me enamora que me eleves hasta el cielo
Me enamora que de mi sea tu alma soñadora
Esperanza de mis ojos
Sin ti mi vida no tiene sentido
Sin ti mi vida es como un remolino (whirlwind)
De cenizas que se van oh oh oh oh (ashes)
Volando con el viento…

Yo no sé si te merezco
Sólo sé que aún deseo
Que le des luz a mi vida
En los días venideros (upcoming days)

Léeme muy bien los labios
Te lo digo bien despacio (slowly)
Por el resto de mis días
Quiero ser tu compañía

Hay tantas cosas que me gustan hoy de ti…

Me enamora…

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  1. Gayle Weinraub:

    Juanes is performing here in San Antonio April 5, and I just bought my ticket today. How cool to check the Spanish blog tonight and find an entry about him! I appreciate the information, but ask that you double check his age which is stated to be 35. Do you have his actual date of birth? My understanding was that he was only about 23 – 24 when I began listening to him 3 or 4 years ago. I certainly think he’s under 30, making his success even more amazing! Thank you.

  2. David:

    Hi Gayle,

    Juanes age is actually 35. He was born in August 9, 1972, but nobody can deny he looks way younger than that!

  3. Gayle Weinraub:

    Thanks for the reply! Actually, I did come across his birthday later while searching the web, and realized he’s almost 36. But I’m pretty sure the previous information I had also came either from the web or the press releases that appeared during his previous performances here. They did not actually state his age, but it was more of a situation where you did the math starting with the age at which they said he started playing, and how many years he spent doing what. I agree, he does not look 35! Even for being older than I thought, his accomplishments still impress me.