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El Tango – Hand in Hand with Carlos Gardel Posted by on Jun 21, 2009 in Spanish Culture

A lot has been written and said about the tango so I’m going to cut to the chase and bring you a video by Carlos Gardel, one of the greatest tangueros of all times. In this song, Mano a Mano (Hand in Hand) he uses tons of lunfardo, a kind of Argentinean slang. I have picked out some of the expressions with their translations in English. Watch the video and see if you can spot them.

Rechiflao – mad, angry
Bacana – rich, well-to-do
Juego del remanye – trying to know the intentions of two people
Percanta – a woman
Gambetear – to avoid
Morlacos – peso, money
Marchanta – peddler
Engrupir – to swindle
Gavión – a gigolo
Claudicar – to give in
Acamalar – to protect; to trap
Cafishio – pimp

If you want to learn more about argentinismos, check Argentinismos, a very cool website with an Argentinean dictionary, last names, famous quotes, sayings, jokes, music and much more.

¡Che, flaco, no querés aprender más sobre los argentinos? A ver si entrás en el sitio y decime lo que pensás.

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  1. andre:

    esto esta buenísimo!

  2. Elburi:

    Thanks for the “Slang” translation, I really need it 🙂
    Great Gardel , thanks for posting this.