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The Weather: Part II Posted by on Jun 18, 2009 in Spanish Vocabulary

Every Spanish textbook has its share of weather-related vocabulary, but they only offer the basics. Today we’re going to learn some more vocabulary to talk about it. I have put them into grammar categories to make it easier for you.


el aguacero – downpour
el alud/ la avalancha – landslide; avalanche
el amanecer – dawn; daybreak
el atardecer – dusk
el anochecer – nightfall
el bochorno – sultry or muggy weather
la brisa – breeze
la bruma – mist
el chubasco – heavy shower
el copo – flake
el deshielo – thaw
la escarcha – frost
el granizo – hail
la helada – frost
el huracán – hurricane
la llovizna – drizzle
el rocío – dew
la sequía – drought
el trueno – thunder
el vendaval – gale, strong wind
la ventisca – snowstorm; blizzard


agitado – rough
brumoso – misty
cubierto – cloudy
despejado – clear
lluvioso – rainy
revuelto – unsettled
sofocante – smouldering
ventoso – windy
nublado – foggy


aclarar(se) – to clear up
arrasar – to destroy, to demolish
derretirse – to melt, to thaw
despejar(se) – to clear up
estallar (una tormenta) – to break out (a storm)
granizar – to hail
inundar – to flood
soplar (viento) – to blow (the wind)
tronar – to thunder

See you next time!

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  1. Charlee:

    WOW! What a wonderful Website. I am attempting to learn Spanish , by
    using whatever I can find on the Internet. Being self taught is a problem when
    comes to speaking with the right accent. But sadly Antonio Banderas was
    not able to assist me. At present I am simply immersing myself in this beautiful
    language. Of course being an Aussie, the Spanish wont understand a word
    I say, but I do so love the language. Enjoy the SPanish speakers online.
    Thanks again to those clever people who have set up these pages.