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How to use algo, nada, alguien and nadie Posted by on Jul 12, 2011 in Spanish Grammar

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This post is for beginning students of Spanish and it’s about los indefinidos. Los indefinidos are words like algo,nada, alguien and nadie and these words are super useful. Check out how they’re used:

Algo (something, anything) can be used in both affirmative and interrogative sentences. Algo is also used meaning kind of, a little, somewhat.

Algo me parece raro.
Something looks weird.

¿Hay algo para comer?
Is there anything to eat?

Me siento algo cansado.
I feel a little tired.

In Spanish, nada (nothing, anything) can be used with a negative verb. Nada can also be used to emphasize something, meaning at all.

Nada le parece bien.
He doesn’t like anything.

No comiste nada.
You didn’t eat anything. / You ate nothing.

Esta situación no es nada fácil de resolver.
This situation is not easy to solve at all.

Alguien means someone or anyone and it’s used both in affirmative and interrogative sentences.

¿Hay alguien aquí?
Is there anybody here?

He visto a alguien detrás de la puerta.
I’ve seen someone behind the door.

Nadie means nobody or anybody and it’s also used with negative verbs.

A nadie le importa lo que él dice.
Nobody cares what he says.

No invitó a nadie a su fiesta.
He didn’t invite anybody to his party.

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