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Irregular Past Participles Posted by on May 19, 2010 in Spanish Grammar

The past participles in Spanish are widely used in the Pretérito Perfecto (haber + participio pasado). There are, however, some irregular past participles.

Here are common irregular past participles in Spanish.

abrir (to open) – abierto
cubrir (to cover) – cubierto
decir (to say) – dicho
descubrir (to discover) – descubierto
devolver (to return) – devuelto
escribir (to write) – escrito
freír (to fry) – frito
hacer (to do, to make) – hecho
imprimir (to print) – impreso
inscribir (to sign up for) – inscrito
morir (to die) – muerto
poner (to put) – puesto
resolver (to solve) – resuelto
romper (to break) – roto
ver (to see) – visto
volver (to come back) – vuelto

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