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I’m going to start today a series of posts with irregular verbs in the present. These irregularities happen in the Present Indicative, Present Subjunctive and Imperative. The persons affected by this irregularity are yo, tú, él, ella, usted, ellos, ellas and ustedes. Nosotros(as) and vosotros(as) do not have these changes.

The first irregularity is when the “e” becomes “ie”, like in the verb empezar (to begin)

Present Indicative

Yo empiezo
Tú empiezas
Él/ella/usted empieza
Nosotros(as) empezamos
Vosotros(as) empezáis
Ellos, ellas, ustedes empiezan

Present Subjunctive

que yo empiece
que tú empieces
que él/ella/usted empiece
que nosotros(as) empecemos
que vosotros(as) empecéis
que ellos/ellas/ustedes empiecen


empieza (tú) – empiece (usted)
empezad (vosotros) – empiecen (ustedes, ellos/ellas)

The following verbs follow the same kind of conjugation. Practice makes perfect so when you have some free time, conjugate them and master them! The changing vowel is in blue, ok?

advertir (to warn) – apretar (to tighten) – atender (to pay attention) – atravesar (to go through) – calentar (to heat) – cerrar (to close) – comenzar (to start) – concertar (to set a date) – confesar (to confess) – convertir (to convert) – defender (to defend) – despertarse (to wake up) – digerir (to digest) – divertirse (to have fun) – encender (to light) – entender (to understand) – extender (to stretch) – herir (to hurt) – hervir (to boil) – mentir (to lie) – negar (to deny) – pensar (to think) – perder (to lose) – preferir (to prefer) – querer (to want) – sentarse (to sit) – sentirse (to feel) – sugerir (to suggest) – temblar (to tremble) – tender (to spread out) – transferir (to transfer) – tropezar (to stumble)

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