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I hope very much that you have enjoyed or are enjoying working through the beginner, intermediate and advanced level Spanish video lessons here on the Transparent Language Spanish Blog. There are 42 Spanish video lessons with accompanying written lesson notes in each of the three courses and they are all packed full of essential Spanish grammar, vocabulary, phrases and expressions.

I will now be producing a series of new interactive review lessons which will give you the opportunity to practice and test your Spanish knowledge at each level to see how much you have learned and remembered from the original theory lessons. Answers to all tasks involved in the lessons will be given at the end of the post.

In this first Spanish review lesson we will practice how to introduce yourself in Spanish, how to state your nationality in Spanish and how to state where you are from in Spanish. To go back and watch the original two video lessons on Spanish introductions please follow these links:

Spanish Introductions Part 1
Spanish Introductions Part 2

Beginner Spanish Review Lesson 1 & 2 Spanish Introductions

*I recommend that you watch the video a few times without looking at the written notes below or any of the answers*

First, I am going to ask you a series of questions to check your knowledge of how to greet someone and exchange pleasantries in Spanish:

1. How do you say hello to someone?
2. How do you say your name? My name is… Or I am called…
3. How do you ask someone their name in a formal way?
4. How do you ask someone their name in a friendly way?
5. How do you greet someone in the afternoon?
6. How do you ask how another person is in a friendly way?
7. What will you answer if a person says to you “¿Cómo está usted?”
8. Tell me two ways to say goodbye to someone
9. How do you ask someone where they are from in a friendly way?
10. How do you ask someone where they are from in a formal way?

I will now say a few countries in English and you should tell me in Spanish that you are from that country. For example, “France”: “Soy de Francia”:

1. Spain
2. United States
3. England
4. Ireland
5. Scotland

Next, I would like you to say that your nationality is the following in Spanish. For example, “Spanish”: “Soy español” or “Soy española”, depending on whether you are a man or a woman:

1. French
2. German
3. Canadian
4. British
5. Welsh

Finally, we are going to simulate a conversation in Spanish. Imagine that you have just met me and we are having our first introductory conversation. I will say a few things and give you a bit of time to make your reply:

¡Hola! Buenos días
1 …………………….
¿Cómo estás?
2 …………………….
Muy bien. Me llamo Laura ¿y tú?
3 …………………….
Yo soy española, de Bilbao ¿y tú? ¿de dónde eres?
4 …………………….
¡Hasta luego!
5 …………………….

So that’s all for today. I hope you have enjoyed this review of how to make introductions in Spanish and I hope you have remembered a high percentage of the information from the original lesson.

As I said earlier, I will be posting lots more of this type of interactive practice videos to review and test everything I have already taught throughout my beginner, intermediate and advanced Spanish courses.

I wish you a lovely day and look forward to seeing you next time with more essential Spanish practice.

¡Hasta luego!

I hope you are enjoying my weekly Spanish lessons. Follow this link for many more great resources to help you learn to speak Spanish.


Part 1

1. Hola
2. Me llamo
3. ¿Cómo se llama?
4. ¿Cómo te llamas?
5. Buenas tardes
6. ¿Cómo estás? / ¿Qué tal?
7. (Possible answer) Muy bien
8. Adiós / Hasta luego
9. ¿De dónde eres?
10. ¿De dónde es usted?

Part 2

1. Soy de España
2. Soy de Estados Unidos
3. Soy de Inglaterra
4. Soy de Irlanda
5. Soy de Escocia

Part 3

1. Soy francés/francesa
2. Soy alemán/alemana
3. Soy canadiense
4. Soy británico/británica
5. Soy galés/galesa

Part 4

1. Hola Buenos días
2. Muy bien, gracias. ¿Y tú?
3. Me llamo ……..
4. Yo soy de …… / Yo soy ……
5. Hasta luego / Hasta otro día / Adiós

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