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MOVIES IN SPANISH Posted by on Apr 14, 2008 in Spanish Culture

Have you ever felt frustrated when you were looking for movies in Spanish and came across some really weird stuff? Well, I´m a real fan of movies in Spanish as well as telenovelas, and I decided to make a list here of some interesting titles I have watched throughout the years. Check them out and comment on what you thought about them.

Volver (directed by Pedro Almodóvar)
Elsa y Fred (really touching Argentinean movie)
The Devil´s Backbone (El Espinazo del Diablo)
Y Tu Mamá También
Amores Perros
La Fea Más Bella (telenovela)
The Official Store (a classic!)
The Marías Trilogy – María Mercedes, Mari Mar and María la del Barrio
Nine Queens (very good Argentinean movie)
The Crime of Padre Amaro (based on a book by Eça de Queiroz)
Los Ricos También Lloran (classic telenovela)
Plata Quemada

Here are some very good websites about cine, they´re a very good read and you´ll improve your vocabulary in Spanish.

Como Hacer Cine – film news, festivals and articles about the movie industry.
CineNgaños – from Spain and Mexico, very good and realistic reviews.
CineMagazine – gossip, news, reviews, trailers. From Spain.

Here´s the trailer for “Y Tú Mamá También”.

See you next time!

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  1. Rebecca:

    I’d like to add Pan’s Labyrinth (El Laberinto del Fauno) to the list.

    Thanks for this list though. I have a lot of Spanish speaking friends, and they’ve always told me watching Spanish-language movies and television with the English subtitles might help me with my development in learning Spanish. Many of them learned English the other way around!

  2. David Carmona:

    These are just some of my favourite Spanish movies. Some of them are easily available in the US, at least in Netflix, but others might be harder to find outside Spain. Has anybody seen any of these?

    -The spirit of the beehive (El espíritu de la colmena)
    -Tesis (Thesis)
    -Abre los ojos (Open your eyes)
    -El día de la bestia (The day of the beast)
    -Huevos de oro (Golden balls)
    -Acción mutante (Mutant action)
    -El abuelo (The grandfather)
    -Jamón, jamón (A tale of ham and passion)
    -Mar adentro (The sea inside)
    -Los santos inocentes (The holy innocents)
    -El verdugo (Not on your life)
    -El bola (Pellet)
    -La madre muerta (The dead mother)
    -La ardilla roja (The red squirrel)

  3. Anna:

    You forgot about “El Dia de la bestia” by Alex de la Iglesia. My favorite Spanish black comedy! 😉

    I see that David above added it already. Good choice!

  4. David:

    -¿Eres satánico?
    -Sí, padre. ¡Y de Carabanchel!


  5. Soberon:

    No olviden:
    – Todo Sobre mi Madre
    – Motorcycle Diaries
    – Belle Epoque
    – Como agua para chocolate

  6. kevin:

    somebody help me please….
    where can i donwload free “the grandfather” movie of José Luis Garci???
    Please help me…

  7. david carmona:

    Kevin, where do you live?
    I know for sure that the movie is available in Netflix in the US.

  8. Zeke Zethers:

    I’m trying to learn Spanish and have started watching tons of spanish-speaking films. Unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t allow you to add your own categories, you have to watch spanish movies and then it eventually puts that category up. So I have taken to the internet to find them, and its nice that blogs like this exist. Unfortunately though, none of the movies above metioned are on Netflix.

    I find it also disheartening that on every blog or site about movies en espanol, that people are whining about Pan’s Labrinth. Yes it was an interesting movie, but mostly for teenagers or the Tim Burton generation. I found movies like The Wind Journeys, The Popes Toilet, and a few others I have seen a hundred times more interesting than that film. Not to say Pan’s labryinth wasn’t decent, but it is receives far too much praise for a film that is basically an overhyped art show. That, and the “labyrinth” is never really explored, which is a huge letdown.

    Honestly I would take the film Labyrinth over Pan’s Labyrinth any day of the week.

    Cool blog, and thanks for reading my rant.