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Ser vs Estar II Posted by on Apr 17, 2008 in Spanish Vocabulary

The difference between SER and ESTAR in Spanish is really subtle and there´s a big difference when an adjective is used with one or the other. Take a look:

Ser agarrado: be cheap, a tightwad
Estar agarrado: be tight (clothes)-LaAm

Ser alegre: be happy
Estar alegre: be a little drunk

Ser atento: be friendly, thoughtful
Estar atento: pay attention

Ser bueno: be good
Estar bueno: be healthy; be physically attractive; taste good

Ser considerado: be respectful to others
Estar considerado: be regarded

Ser cumplido: trying to please everybody
Estar cumplido: (an action) be accomplished

Ser desenvuelto: (of a person) be comfortable in most situations
Estar desenvuelto: (of a package) unwrapped

Ser despierto: be smart
Estar despierto: be awake

Ser despistado: be forgetful
Estar despistado: be lost

Ser malo: be mean; be evil
Estar malo: be sick; taste badly

Ser molesto: be annoying
Estar molesto: be annoyed; not be healthy

Ser negro: be black (color)
Estar negro: be overtanned; be sick and tired of

Ser parado: be shy
Estar parado: be motionless; jobless

Ser verde: be green (color)
Estar verde: not ripe/mature (fruit or person)

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  1. stuart marks:

    How can I get Ser vs Estar I. Thank you.

  2. David Carmona:

    There are different ways in which you can search for information in the blog using the left hand panel:

    -You can run a generic search by “category”.
    -Use the “search” field to enter the words you are looking for.
    -If you click on a tag at the bottom of an entry, you will see a list of tags for all entries: “Ser Estar” exists as a tag.
    -If you want to read the blogs by month, use the “archives” section. “Ser vs Estar” was published in October 2007.