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“No es serio este cementerio”, a funny song for All Hallow´s Eve. Posted by on Oct 30, 2014 in Learning, Spanish Culture, Videos

All Hallows’ Eve is coming, and year after year I try to share with you some of our traditions for this night and the days after it: All Saint’s day (1st November) and the Day of the Dead (2nd November). Ghosts stories and legends are told at night (read “The Spirits´Mountain”, by Gustavo Adolfo Becquer here), supernatural presences such as the blessed souls in purbagoty can be seen (Tradiciones españolas en el día de Todos los Santos, y la creencia en las Ánimas benditas) , Don Juan Tenorio, the story of the immortal womanizer, is played in almost every city, and graveyards are filled with people who go to visit their dead relatives and bring them some flowers (click here to read more about it).

All these traditions offer a sober, even dark image of cemeteries all rituals related with the world of the dead. That’s why I wanted to share with you a different perspective… Imagine a cemetery where (dead) people can’t rest in peace because some of them love to play music, and do it every Sunday. Or where you can choose between having a laugh in your own mass grave and going for a stroll through the cemetery every Friday. This kind of graveyard is where Mecano’s song, “No es serio este cementerio” takes place. It’s an old song, but still quite funny. Check the lyrics and enjoy it!

“Colgado del cielo
por doce cipreses
doce apostoles de verde
velan doce meses.
A la tapia en ruinas
que lo delimita
le han quitado algunas piedras
para hacer la ermita.
Tiene mi cementerio una fosa comun
donde estamos los heroes de cuba
los domingos los negros no dejan dormir
pues les da por cantar misa luba


Y los muertos aqui lo pasamos muy bien
entre flores de colores
y los viernes y tal
si en la fosa no hay plan
nos vestimos y salimos.
Para dar una vuelta
sin pasar de la puerta eso si
que los muertos aqui
es donde tienen que estar
y el cielo por mi
se puede esperar.

Este cementerio
no es cualquiera cosa
pues las lapidas del fondo
son de marmol rosa
y aunque hay buenas tumbas
estan mejor los nichos
porque cuestan mas baratos
y no hay casi bichos.
El panteon familiar
de los duques Medina y Luengo
que aunque el juicio final
nos trate por igual
aqui hay gente de rancio abolengo.


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