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Hi, there!

Let’s take a spelling quiz en español. Listen to the audio then choose between the two options presented. Are you ready? Let’s start!

U or Ü?

ag__illa [a little trickle of water]
ag__uero [omen, luck]
ág__ila [eagle]
cag__eta [chicken, coward]
ceg__era [blindness]
cig__eña [stork]
g__erra [war]
g__itarra [guitar]
g__iñar [to blink]
hig__era [fig tree]
hog__era [bonfire]
jug__ete [toy]
ling__ística [linguistics]
ping__ino [penguin]
seg__ir [to follow]
sig__iente [following]
trig__eño [olive-skinned]
yeg__ero [mare caretaker]
zag__ero [rear, back – sports]

QU or CU?

__aderno [notebook]
__ando [when]
__inientos [five hundred]
__anto [how much]
__ales [which ones]
__ienes [who – plural]
__alidad [quality]
__idado [care, attention]
e__ivalente [equivalente]
__imera [pipe-dream, chimera]
__iste [cyst]
e__ador [equator]
e__ipaje [equipment]
__adrado [square]
ex__isita [delicious]
li__adora [blender]
__ieto [quiet]
lí__ido [liquid]
__incena [fortnight]
__iosco [newsstand]
__itasol [parasol]
__arto [bedroom]
__atí [nasua – kind of racoon]
__atrocientos [four hundred]
__adro [picture, painting]

Please, submit your answers in the comments area!

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