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Stand up comedy in Spanish Posted by on Jul 21, 2011 in Spanish Culture

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One of the coolest things about being able to speak another language is to understand humor in it. As I’m Brazilian, American comedians’ jokes started to become funny after I started learning about American culture and was able to understand the cultural aspect of each joke or comment. And the same happens with Spanish, each country has its own cultural issues and oftentimes comedians make fun of their own life and customs.

So one of these days I was looking for stand-up comedy in Spanish and I came across some very interesting videos from a VH1 stand-up comedy special. One of the comedians, Argentinean Fernando Sanjiao, caught my attention because of his comedy style. In the following clip he talks about the setbacks of being shy and the outcome of it. This video contains a lot of slang (and some bad words, too, so be careful!) and it’s a great opportunity to train your ear to this kind of spoken language.

I hope you have fun and also learn some Spanish and don’t worry if you think Fernando speaks too fast, you just have to get used to the rhythm of natural speech, and that takes time.

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