Vocabulary: At the Drugstore (En la Farmacia) Posted by on Nov 22, 2011 in Spanish Vocabulary

You’ve finally arrived at that Spanish-speaking country you always wanted to visit and bam! You’re sick and need to go to the drugstore to buy some medication and supplies to get better (this actually happened to me when I was in Uruguay).

Here are some useful sentences and words:

¿Hay una farmacia aquí cerca?
Is there a drugstore around here?

¿Puede prepararme esta receta en seguida?
Can you fill this prescription immediately?

Do you have…?

alcohol – alcohol
aspirina – aspirin
un saquito para hielo – an ice bag
un cepillo – a hairbrush
un cepillo de dientes – a toothbrush
un peine – a comb
parches para callos – corn pads
algodón – cotton
quitamanchas – cleaning fluid
un laxante suave – a mild laxative
lápiz de labios – lipstick
colorete – rouge
una navaja de afeitar – a razor
hojas de afeitar – razor blades
toallas higiénicas – sanitary pads
un sedante – a sedative
una loción para despúes del afeitado – after-shave lotion
un desodorante – a deodorant
yodo – iodine
horquillas – hairpins
champú – shampoo
una crema antiséptica – antiseptic cream
una curita – bandage
una venda – tensor bandage
condones – condoms
anticonceptivos – contraceptives
pastillas para la tos – cough drops
gotas para los oídos – eardrops
un repelente para los insectos – insect repellent
gotas nasales – nose drops
un somnífero – sleeping pills
unos supositorios – supositories

Nos vemos prontito.

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