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10 best Swedish snow toys Posted by on Jan 3, 2014 in Culture, Living in Sweden, Vocabulary

This post will make you an expert in the vocabulary of the best and most common Swedish winter toys. As you’ll be able to see from the following pictures ALL ages love these. Both adults, teenagers and youngsters go out every winter and play with these. Whole families go out together and spend hours out in the fresh air, until darkness comes, and sometimes even later than that. Yet again the brilliant fika contributes to making the day perfect!

Which is your favourite? Does the snow scooter deserve a higher ranking maybe?

Nr 1. The Skrana 

Nr. 2 The Pulka

Nr. 3 The Bobb

Nr. 4 Skotern (Snow scooter)

Nr. 5 Slalom

Nr. 6 Snowboard

Nr. 7 Längdskidor (Cross country skiing)

Nr. 8 Sparken

Nr. 9 The Skjärtlapp


Nr. 10 (och 11) Skridskor och Långfärdsskridor (Ice-skates and cross country ice-skates)

Have you ever seen or heard of these? This is for many people in the north of Sweden a very important part of the year, of life actually. That is in northern Sweden. Many people in the south of Sweden don’t even know what a Skrana is. A long country like Sweden has a few different types of climate, and consequently different ways of spending the winter. A different winter culture in other words.

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  1. Andreas:

  2. Marylka Pattison:

    When I moved to Sweden in 1962 (age 11) I was so impressed with the Spark that I spent my life savings at that time to own one. Even though I’d grown up in hot Arizona, that was one “snow toy” that seemed unusual and uniquely Swedish.