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The Swedish Blog’s Ultimate Slang Lexicon part II Posted by on Jan 31, 2010

Let’s end another great month of Swedish studies with part II of our Ultimate Slang Lexicon: Barr = hair (on your head) Proper Swedish: Hår Brallor = trouses. Proper Swedish: Byxor Dega = relax, do nothing. Derives from the Swedish word for dough, deg. To “dough” around doing nothing. Proper Swedish: Slappa Frulle = breakfast…

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Dark hours and too many of them Posted by on Jan 31, 2010

Nothern citizens of Sweden are exposed to extreme temperatures (to the colder side of the thermometer) and long, dark winters. The long dark hours often drive a lot of people into a sort of hibernation, of the kind when people’s awareness of happiness, each other and positiveness get dulled. A kind of mutual, understood and…

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Sjuk, sjukare, sjukast Posted by on Jan 29, 2010

It’s a well known fact that January is not a very exciting month. One reason is that almost everyone is post Christmas skint (pank). Anonther reason is that the weather is pretty horrible – at least in this part of the world. But the biggest reason of all is probably the state people are in…

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Vad heter du? Posted by on Jan 28, 2010

Sweden according to mig. Posted by on Jan 27, 2010

Today, it happens to be all about me me me and my favourites from up north. And since I’m a sucker for list, here’s my list of things I love about, from and in Sverige. Click away! Favourite Famous Swede: The remarkable children’s authur Astrid Lindgren. If you still haven’t read the amazing stories about…

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A really cold Swedish winter – En riktig vargavinter Posted by on Jan 26, 2010

I am getting to experience my fifth Swedish winter this year and it is definitely the coldest yet. In Stockholm, snow has been on the ground since before Christmas and we’re supposed to get another snow storm tomorrow. So here’s some wintery vocabulary that you’ll surely need if you are living in Sweden. Wintery Vocab…

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The Swedish Blog’s Ultimate Slang Lexicon part I Posted by on Jan 25, 2010

Gathered among family and friends especially for you, I hereby present the first part of the The Swedish Blog’s Ultimate Slang Lexicon: Brillor/Solbrillor = Glasses/Sunglasses. Proper Swedish: Glasögon/Solglasögon Bärs/Bira = Beer. Proper Swedish: Öl Det är givet! = Of course! A phrase to use when something is certain. Proper Swedish: Det är självklart! Example: A: Kommer…

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