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The Swedish Blog’s Ultimate Slang Lexicon part I Posted by on Jan 25, 2010 in Culture, Swedish Language

Gathered among family and friends especially for you, I hereby present the first part of the The Swedish Blog’s Ultimate Slang Lexicon:

Brillor/Solbrillor = Glasses/Sunglasses. Proper Swedish: Glasögon/Solglasögon

Bärs/BiraBeer. Proper Swedish: Öl

Det är givet! = Of course! A phrase to use when something is certain.
Proper Swedish: Det är självklart!
Example: A: Kommer du på festen? (Are you coming to the party?)
B: Det är givet! (Of course!)

Det är inte hundra = It’s not so good/It’s not certain. This phrase derives from “hundred percent” and what you are actually saying is that tings are not a hundred (percent).
Example: A: Allt bra? (All good?)
B: Nej, det är inte hundra. (No, it’s not so good).
BUT… If things are great and very much certain, it’s – of course –  a hundred (percent).
Example:  A: Kommer du ikväll? (Are you coming tonigt?)
B: Ja, det är hundra! (Yes, most definitely!)

Favvo = Short for favorite. Proper Swedish: Favorit
Example: A: Gillar du svenskbloggen? (Do you like the Swedish blog?)
B: Ja, den är min favvo! (Yes, it’s my favorite!)

Flyt/Han har flyt = Luck/He is lucky. Proper Swedish: Tur

Kanon = Great! Another word meaning “great” and anything from food to life itself can be “kanon”. “Kanon” is actually the Swedish word for “Cannon”.
Proper Swedish: Toppen

Kirrat = done/fixed/taken care of. Proper Swedish: Ordnat
Example: A: Har du lagat middag? (Have you made dinner?)
B: Det är kirrat! (It’s taken care of!)

Pjuks = shoes. Proper Swedish: Skor

Pröjsa = pay. Proper Swedish: Betala

Surra = To talk. The proper meaning of “Surra” is “to buzz” – and that’s probably a direct translation from English. Example: Vad surrar ni om? (What are you buzzing about?). Proper Swedish: Prata
More slang for prata: Snacka, blaja, tjattra

Störigt = annoying/irritating. Proper Swedish: Irriterande

Well, what are you waiting for? Time to get practicing!

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    Get practicing? Det ar givet! Ya, det ar hundra! Tack.

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    Gött mos!

  4. jenn:

    I am here is Australia wanting to find the Swedish equivalent to our phrase Okay / O.K. / sure thing. Can you help?