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Wanted: Job seeking stories Posted by on Feb 28, 2010

Before we move into March (finally!) and add a new month to the blog roll, let’s tie up some loose ends. The last post on how to find an English speaking job in Sweden has triggered some questions. First of all, is it even possible to get an English speaking job in Sweden without speaking or understanding Swedish…

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How to find an English speaking job in Sweden Posted by on Feb 26, 2010

68 brilliant title suggestions later, let’s start with something practical and useful. Job search. The majority of you might not be planning a move to Sweden, but you never know. Perhaps you – while randomly clicking on the links beneath – all of a sudden stumble upon your dreamjob, think “why not?” and two month…

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Dreamers are castrated before they become a threat Posted by on Feb 25, 2010

Imagine: You’re walking down the sidewalk or sitting on the bus maybe even on an airplane, who knows… but you are having a wonderful day and just a couple of seconds ago you thought of something you really want to do. Something just got you inspired and you are already up and far away from…

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Sweden’s infrastructure cracks Posted by on Feb 24, 2010

I don’t know if you’ve heard that Sweden has been virtually shut down since Sunday because of snow and extremely cold weather. The subway (tunnelbana) in Stockholm was not running above ground until today. The trains throughout the country were at a standstill and a number of trains were stuck without working bathrooms nor food…

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Choose this title! Posted by on Feb 23, 2010

Since all your comments and inputs are such a great source of inspiration, would you be willing to help out with a little experiment? What about this: You think of a title suggestion and post it as a comment here or on Facebook. Out of all your brilliant title suggestions, we pick a few and write posts about exactly that. Anything goes…

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Swedish wedding customs Posted by on Feb 22, 2010

As Gabriel pointed out here, you can learn a lot about a country by studying the customs (seder) and traditions surrounding big moments in life such as child births and weddings (bröllop). I’m not about to either give birth or get hitched, but there are a lot of weddings in the air at the moment. First…

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Swedes love their winter Olympics Posted by on Feb 21, 2010

Swedes love their winter Olympics, called OS in Swedish, which means Olympiska Spelen. It’s no wonder — Sweden is freezing. Especially right now. I was out today for a couple of minutes and still can’t feel my face. Swedes really do go crazy for their winter Olympics. They love the summer too, but the winter Olympics…

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