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(Sommarsverige har semesterstängt) Summer Sweden is closed during vacation Posted by on Jul 27, 2016

Oh so you haven’t yet fixed your new id-card or maybe your EU-health insurance card before leaving for your summer vacation? You might end up having some problems that you haven’t really accounted for, like opening hours, delays, (sommarvikarier) summer substitute staff that work slower and less efficiently. July and August are the most popular…

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A Swedish jingle for grammar Posted by on Jul 25, 2016

There is often a confusion when it comes to Part of Speech & Clauses. Clauses: Subject, Predicate, Sentence Adverb, Verb2 or several depending on the length and aspect of the sentence sometimes, Object/Predicative, Adverbials (time and adverbial of place or degree etc.). The clauses can contain several part of speech words sometimes for example: on…

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Washing and rinsing in Swedish Posted by on Jul 22, 2016

When we talk about washing something in English, it can mean various things in various contexts. For example, we use the word wash when we’re talking about washing clothes or washing dishes, or when you’re in the kitchen, washing the vegetables. You wash your hair and wash the car. Well, in Swedish, there are…

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Olympic Sports in Swedish Posted by on Jul 20, 2016

In just about two weeks, the 2016 Summer Olympics (Olympiska spelen or, in this case Olympiska sommarspelen, or OS for short) will open in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There will be over 10,000 athletes competing from around 200 countries. But there are only about 300 medals to go around. Sweden will be sending nearly 150 athletes to compete…

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Building Compound Words in Swedish Posted by on Jul 18, 2016

Compound words, known as sammansatta ord in Swedish, can be incredibly difficult for new learners of a language. The words can get long (like the longest word in the Swedish language) or they can just look confusing. What does örngott mean? Making it even more difficult is that there aren’t too many rules to guide…

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Chimneys and pillowcases in Swedish: Weird Swedish compounds Posted by on Jul 13, 2016

Swedish, like a lot of languages, has many words in its vocabulary which make sense as a whole but not as parts. In many cases, this is because the original meaning has been wiped out over time. In English, we have the word “highlight”. When we use this word, we aren’t referring to a…

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