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New Science Backs Viking Debut in North America Posted by on Oct 29, 2021

Just when the Vikings start to fall out of fashion, they do it again. Scientists utilized a new dating technique to reinforce that not only were the Vikings the first Europeans to reach the North American continent, we now have an exact year. In 1021, centuries before Columbus even thought of crossing the Atlantic, the…

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Into the Woods: Swedish Tree Vocabulary Posted by on Oct 22, 2021

Trees deserve all the credit. They provide us with clean air, the material to wood to build and heat our homes, so why don’t we know their names? Seems like the least we could do. To keep the skog momentum going from last week’s mushrooming post, I thought we should spend some time catching up…

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Sweden, A Mushroom-Loving Culture Posted by on Oct 15, 2021

Do you live in a mycophilic or a mycophobic culture? These adjectives of Greek origin mean either mushrooming-loving or the latter, mushroom-fearing. Foraging for wild mushrooms is commonplace in Nordic, Slavic, and Baltic countries, yet it’s not a tradition that’s taken root with American immigrant culture. Swedish youngsters grow up learning how to safely identify…

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ABBA’s Comeback and Swedish Pop Hits via Svensktoppen Posted by on Oct 8, 2021

ABBA’s comeback and sing-along pop hits penned in Swedish make this week’s Svensktoppen absolutely dreamy. Presented by Sveriges Radio, this top 10 chart show is the perfect way to learn what’s hot on the Swedish music scene right now and get some language practice in, too! And, the great news is that this week 8…

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A Swedish Take on Modern Timber Construction Posted by on Oct 1, 2021

As a bright-eyed college grad, I relocated to the southern Swedish city of Växjö, Sweden for an internship. Nestled between thick forests and glittering lakes, Växjö has earned the title of “Greenest City in Europe” for trailblazing a number of environmental initiatives, including their timber construction program. While working for Växjö kommun I gained perspective…

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