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And the winner is… Posted by on Mar 31, 2010 in The Swedish blog team

Finally time to pick a lucky winner of the book “Skynda att älska”! Just to show (atleast attempt to…) that this drawing is totally random:

Step 1:
57 contestants on 57 pieces of paper…

Step 2:
57 contestants on 57 pieces of paper folded up in a big bowl…

Step 3:
Stick my hand into the big bowl and mix it up for a bit….

Step 4:
Pick one!

Step 5:
Unfold it and find the lucky winner, Helen!!!

Congratualtions Helen and I really hope you will enjoy the book and the liquorice! And to all the rest of you; there will be more books and candy coming your way, I promise.

Thank you all for the massive interest and as bättre lycka nästa gång! (More luck next time!)

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  1. Greg's Swedish girlfriend:

    I’m laughing.
    I’ve yet to find an English person who likes this amaazing treat. Everyone spits it out and say “omg it’s SALTY”. True story.

  2. Andy:

    aw lucky dog!

    liquorice too, wow 🙂

  3. Jimmy Cappaert:

    Grattis, Helen!

    Förresten, är det en skål från IKEA? 🙂


  4. jennie:

    @Greg’s Swedish Girlfriend: Haha, tell me about it! I have a boyfriend who gets green in the face just by the smell… But there are a few out there, let’s hope Helen is one! Or, has some Swedish friends…

    @Jimmy: Well spottet Jimmy, of course it’s IKEA! I think maybe you can even see a candle holder from IKEA. And – the table cloth is, believe it or not, IKEA too… 🙂

  5. Jimmy Cappaert:

    Visst! I min lägenhet är det samma sak … Mina vänner och familjer tycker att det är mini-IKEA här 🙂

  6. Luke (Sydney):


  7. Letícia:

    Well, I didn’t win, but at least it was fun to see my name amongst the contestants in the picture, haha. 🙂