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Blogs in Swedish Posted by on Mar 30, 2010 in Culture, Swedish Language, The Swedish blog team

There has been a few requests about good Swedish blogs lately and jag är inte den som är den! But what is a good blog? To use another great Swedish expression, smaken är som baken – delad (Your taste is like your butt -divided) and there is a strong possibility that the blogs I like might not be your cup of tea. So, this is – once again – why I need you guys. Please share your favourite blogs (preferably in Swedish) and I can make the list longer. But for now, here’s a random selection of a few blogs   – in Swedish, by Swedes – about anything and everything. Happy reading and let the blog sharing begin!

Life in general-stuff:

I have said it before and I promise, I won’t say it again. Writer Alex Schulman’s blog is filled with brilliant thoughts, great observations and fun glimpses of his and his family’s everyday life. Alex brother Calle Schulman also writes a great blog, voted one of the best blog of 2009 in Sweden. You can find it here.

Julia Skott is young a journalist and multi blogger that writes on and runs several different blogs. This is her own personal one, but I strongly recommend to nose around her links. If you are lucky, you’ll end up here, on a brilliant technical blog written by ten female gadget nerds.

A blog written by a woman wo has children together with Sweden’s most famous actor, Mikael Persbrant AND is the daughter of one of Sweden’s most famous musicians, Ulf Lundell, must be interesting, surely. But of course! Read Sanna Lundell’s blog here.

Lotta Gray is a famous gossip journalist, wife and mother whose life drastically changed two years ago when she was diagnosed with colon cancer. Read about her life and struggle here.


Poppony is a blog about anything vaguely cultural, both Swedish and international. A must read for music/movie/tv-junkies. Kulturbloggen is another great blog in the same field, great stuff written by great people.

If books do the trick it for you, this is without a doubt the blog for you. And – if you have kids  and would like to explore the beautiful world of Swedish (and international) children’s books, Bokunge is a brilliant place to start.

Political stuff:
2010 is election year in Sweden, and if you want to keep up with what’s happening on our political stage, Politkerbloggen is the place.

Royal stuff:
2010 is not only election year, it’s the big fat royal wedding year! Both princesses are getting married and if royalites, princesses and weddings is your bag, make sure to click here.

One again, I must recommend Bloggportalen. There you can find over 50 000 links to Swedish blogs,  personal and professional, divided either into categories or geographically.

Okay, that’s 12 blogs to start with from me. Your turn now. Your favourite blog in Swedish is…

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  1. Angela B:

    Here’s a good blog about books and e-book readers from the first (and possibly only?) bookstore in Sweden to sell e-books.


    By the way, when I saw your translation of “smaken är som baken – delad” (the taste is like your butt – divided) I thought the wrong thing entirely. I asked my Swedish fiancé “what’s this saying about the taste of someone’s butt?!” he said “No no no! “Taste” in this context means opinion or preference- not “taste” like “what something tastes like”!! The saying means people aren’t agreeing on something. Their tastes for something are divided like a butt.”
    I have some funny misunderstandings sometimes! 😀

  2. jennie:

    Haha, that’s funny! Come to think of it, I should probably clearify that sentence a bit!
    Thank you Angela.

  3. Edina:

    I follow Hello Tiger and the Dos Family’s blog. If you are into design and fun ideas, I would say they are musts. Also click around the sites belong to the Dos Family members. They have fun stuff on their own as well.


  4. B-G:

    Just a comment, as a counter-balance to the enthusiastic advice jennie-jennie gave above.

    The recommended blogs are not quite as typical, colloquial, or intelligent as the Recommender suggests.

    They are – in her mind – popular.
    At the moment.
    In Stockholm.
    If you are employed in media, covering other media “personalities”.
    Or would like to be.

    When she has matured a bit, she might think of you as one who enjoys things like:

    – correct Swedish
    – intelligent commentary
    – life experience (as opposed to heavily opinionated heaps of immature manure from self-appointed authorities on pink plastic shoes with fluffy attachments by a designer semi-hot enough to set the price at just a few bucks more than You can afford)

    That very day, she might publish a set of slightly different links.

    But, as always …

    it might take a while.

  5. jennie:

    @BG: Ouch! Give me a break here! My intention was not to recommend blog based on correct Swedish. As I clearly pointed out, I linked to blogs that I like, that I read.

    And believe it or not, I do not live in Stockholm (never have, I don’t even live in Sweden), I’m mature enough to even appreciate things that are popular and since I acctually read the blogs above I’m surprised that you have found “heaps of immature manure from self-appointed authorities on pink plastic shoes with fluffy attachments by a designer semi-hot enough to set the price at just a few bucks more than You can afford” in any of those.

    But since it probably will take a while for me to mature a bit more, please feel free to help me out. As I wrote aswell, I would be more than happy to publish a set of slightly different links. in fact, that was kind off the intention with the whole thing. I just started…

    So, please prove me wrong! What blogs would you recommend and why?

    /Jennie (I do agree, I can be overly enthusiastic sometimes…)

  6. warez:

    It is remarkable, and alternative?

  7. ooma review:

    strongly recommend to nose around her links.

  8. Elizabeth Ludgate:

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