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Eurovision 2009 – First Semi-Final (Live) Posted by on May 12, 2009 in Culture

We’re waiting for the results now to see who’s going to the final on Saturday.

I’m proud to say that Sweden’s entry has turned out better than (at least I) expected it. However:

  • Malena’s choice of dress was tragic!!! On the white background she disappears and despite all her spray-on tan, she looks washed out. On the black background she looks like a very tanned ghost.
  • What’s up with those background dancers? They’re totally useless, distracting and badly choreographed.
  • Malena did seem to have some trouble hitting certain notes, but hopefully those background dancers were hideous enough to distract from any vocal shortcomings.


Iceland’s song (“Is It True” – Yohanna) was stunning. And I liked Finland (“Lose Control” – Waldo’s People) too, but then again I’m happy to listen to Europop anytime, anyplace.

OK, we’re still waiting for the results.

In the meantime, it just wouldn’t be a Russian event without a military band, Kosak dancers and sappy folk songs… Hey, only the balalaikas are missing… Eeeeekkk, I hope this intermission will be over soon.

France, Russia, the UK, Spain and Germany qualify to the final automatically. The rest we will know soon.

OK, here we go:

  • Turkey
  • SWEDEN!!!!!! yay yay yay yay!!!
  • Israel
  • Portugal (this one I’m surprised that it got through)
  • Malta (huh?)
  • FINLAND!!!! yay yay yay yay!!!
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Romania (whenever I hear this song I have a feeling that a rather large chunk of its lyrics is missing)
  • Armenia
  • ICELAND!!!! yay yay yay!!!

I’m happy, all my favorite songs will appear on Saturday in the final. And once I find a better video of Malena’s performance, I will replace this one. This is the only one that appeared on youtube immediately, still during the broadcast.

And here’s an interview with Malena right after she arrived in Moscow:


PS. What I can’t figure out is why Arash is representing Azerbaijan… I read that he has Azerbaijani roots, but still… This means that practically anyone, from any European country (and beyond) can represent any other country in the Eurovision song contest… Which, at least in my opinion, is kind of pointless…

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  1. Joao:

    Hello. I wonder why are you surprised about Portuguese song qualifying into the final. It is a song full of happyness and good spirit. The problem is about closed minds and prejudices about ESC music formulas and expected sucessfull countries! It is different and joyfull, listen to it with an open mind and I can be sure you will appreciate it. If not just make a week trip into Portugal and you will have a feel of the warm wellcome!

  2. Minty:

    I watched the three you mentioned- Sweden, Finaland and Iceland- and I think that I prefer Swedens Song, but something about her voice just gets to me a bit. I have to agree that she had a poor costume choice, but perhaps she didnt know there would be a white background? Or maybe she intended to look like an angel?

    Finalands song lacks musicality, its mostly just catchy. Something tells me it will get a lot of votes though! I did like Icelands song, was quite nice.

    Didn’t really notice the background dancers stuffing up…I think your picky Anna!

    I watched the Eurodance contest too, that was great! The junior eurovision contest is playing right now in Australia too! I cant believe these are standard programs we get on free TV, its awesome!

  3. Steve (Västerås):

    It’s always been true that anyone from anywhere can represent a country in the Eurovision Song Contest. Back in the 80’s a young Celine Dion represented Switzerland.

  4. Anna:

    Hi Steve,
    Yes, but I thought that has been changed a long time ago. IIRC, at some point there were even residency rules in place, too. And personally, I think those rules should come back.

    Minty, she wore that dress during the dress rehearsal, so I’m pretty sure she knew how it was going to look like. Her stylist did a very poor job. But the same thing happened last year, too. Last year whoever was the makeup/costume person made Charlotte Perrelli look like a transgendered lizard.

  5. Luke (Sydney):

    The interview clip is one word—wonderful, seriously 🙂

  6. Steph:

    Interesting! Didn’t realise this semi-final was on. Obviously not in the UK…

    Will have to wait & see what wonders will appear on Saturday, then. Both my country of origin (Germany) and where I live (Britain) qualify automatically but I wonder how much more embarrassment we can take 😉

    May the best song win! (Well… does it ever??) 😀

  7. Stan:


    I’m a guy from Belgium. I know Belgium sucked this year. Eurovision has always been a big thing for me. Well, this year, Sweden is my number 1! Even if we give Turkey our Belgian girl, I still think Sweden must be number 1.
    Go on, girl!
    You are the best!

    From Belgium, with love..

  8. swalk1955:

    What a awesome night, The Best Ever Eurovision finals ever. Lovely to be in with a chance for once! Roll on 2010! Congrats to Alexander in Norway, and MASSIVE WELL DONE to Jade. As the song goes, now is Jade’s Time and she’s not letting go of it. Eurovision 2009. And well done, the rest of the world… This shows the World has got talent. http://r.yuwie.com/swalk1955/