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Midsummer and holiday season in Sweden Posted by on Jun 28, 2011 in Culture

Long time no see, dear blog readers. I’ve been on my longest holiday ever, doing it in proper Swedish four-weeks- in-a-row-stylee and it has been absolutely amazing. Visited Sweden for two of those, got married by the sea in Bohuslän (yes!) celebrated Midsummer’s eve (Midsommarafton) on a windy field in Skåne (Click here for my guide to a proper Swedish Midsummer!) and enjoyed the typical Swedish June weather; Sunshine, rain, sunshine agan, more rain. Freezing cold one day, extreme heat the other… 

Sweden has officially entered holiday season and as Katja pointed out here, society in Sweden slows down slightly during July. Lots of people go on holiday (semester) after Midsummer but since most companies and co-operations no longer can afford to shut down the business, this mean lots of opportunities for temp working and extra job (sommarjobb = summer job). And of course; summer = tourists = more business = more staff. In other words, holiday season for some mean working season for some. Lots of young people spend their summer holiday from school working and the most common jobs amongst youths are berry picking, strawberry selling, helping out in shops and coffee shops, garden and park staff and taking care of elderly people. 

Anyway, the Swedish blog will not go on holiday, we’ll do our very best to keep your Swedish needs fulfilled, so please let us know if you have any blog topic requests. More grammar? Summery pics of Stockholm? A guide on how to camp in Sweden? We aim to please!

And by the way, did you celebrate Midsummer? Where?  How? Please share your Midsummer memories with us!

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  1. bekkay mohamed:

    I love Sweden ,,the peaceful nation and people ,the nation of art and music ,the land of lake and stunning nature ! Abba,Roxette,,,etc ! love you Swedes !

  2. Luke:


    In Australia, we celebrate midsummer like a xmas 😉

    How about a topic on pronunciation chart with common daily words as examples and completed with a BYKI list? This seems to be Steve’s area thou. lol

  3. rand:

    I really like when bloggers talk about some type of cultural topic and adds a list of vocab words that go along with that topic. It’s a good way for me personally to learn new vocab. And grammar would be interesting too, not just beginner stuff, but also more intermediate and advanced as well.