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Musikhjälpen – bringing Sweden together for a good cause Posted by on Dec 15, 2011 in Culture

It’s every child’s right to go to school. This  is stated in the UN’s Children’s convention, but unfortunately as we all know, this is not the case. All over the world, over 100 000 000 children are denied the right to education, the majority of these childen are girls.

Right this minute, thousands of Swedes are taking part in a huge charity event with the aim to collect as much money as possible for every girl’s right to go to school. it. It’s called Musikhjälpen (The music help) and it’s a collaboration between Swedish public radio and Swedish public TV and this is the fourth year it’s taking place – every year with new hosts and a new good cause to support. The set up is simple. Three hosts  – famous Swedes – are locked in in a glass cage, this time it’s placed right in the centre of Gothenburg. The cage will be their home for six days, their food supplies are limited and they will broadcast radio and TV live 24/7. Things are happening in the cage all day and night and you can donate money by making song requests or by joining any of the thousands different activities going on, in the cage and all over the county. Small children donate their Christmas present money, big companies donate big cheques and I can tell you, the whole event is a real tear jerker. It’s amazing to see such a big part of Sweden – celebrities, politicians, teenagers, children, old people, rich, poor – come together for a great cause. Throughout the week, you can bid on loads of donated celebrity memorabilia or dinner dates with various famous people. Or, just simply request a song. This costs 50 SEK – enough money to send a girl in Africa to school for a whole month.

The collected sum is at the moment close to 4 000 000 SEK, but the aim is to double that and then some.

Musikhjälpen started in Holland seven years ago and has spread to Switzerland, Belgium and Kenya, amongst others. Please take a look at Musikhjälpenshomepage – where you can look, listen and read more! Or, just simply take a look at the faboulous winter weather Gothenburg is having at the moment…not.  And while you are there, why not request some great Swedish classics?

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