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Office Swedish part 1 Posted by on Oct 26, 2010 in Swedish Language

Many of our readers live and work in Sweden, but if you are still at SFI course (Swedish for Immigrants) or speak English at work you might wonder about certain expressions and what they mean at work. I have collected here some useful information for you.

Lönespecifikation: It is a free template that comes via post /e-mail every month reporting about your salary for the actual month.
Semesterersättning: Holiday compensation. It is approx. 12 % of your monthly salary (extra money for no paid holidays) if you are paid by the hour.
Timanställning: Job paid by the hour.
Objektsanställd/Projektsanställd: Project worker.
Löneförhöjning/Lönesamtal: Rise in wages/ literally translated Employee Discussion usually once a year you have the right to discuss your salary. It is usually during the spring time before Easther.
Permission: Leave (for a shorter period of time).
Tjänsteledig: be on leave (more common) or to be free from duties.
Skyddsombud: Safety representative who is chosen by all employees by voting at your work.
Facklig representant: Union representative at your work.
A-kassa: Insurance system for unemployment in Sweden. Your employer must inform you about it on your first work day. (They usually miss it). You pay a monthly insurance fee for a so called A-kassa. Union and A-kassa are two different things. You have to apply separately for membership.
Fackförbund: Union. The organisation represents the emloyees interests.
Flextid: flexitime. At many work places you can freely schedule your work as long as you do your hours regulated in your contract.
Kollektivavtal: Make sure that your employer is covered by the “collective contract”. It is an agreement about the dos and don´ts, musts and mustn’ts regarding terms of employment between the union and the employer.
Förskjuten lön: If you get paid by the hour you might get your first salary the month after you started your work and your last salary the month after you become unemployed.
Arbetsgivarintyg: You need a certification of the hours or periods you have worked at different companies during the past year to be able to receive a-kassa. You should turn to the person who is in charge of administration and finances. The most important thing is that you register yourself at the Unemployment Office (Arbetsförmedlingen) the day after you get unemployed. (You are eligible to get paid from the day of registration. The papers can be sent in later. But the sooner they´re in the sooner you get your compensation.

*A good advice: You have the right to have a union representative with you as an ear-witness whenever discussing salary or any sensitive issue with your employer. This is strongly recommended in case you would face any problems, unfairness or your employer wouldn´t stick to what she/he promised.

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