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Popular Swedish Souvenirs Posted by on Oct 17, 2012 in Culture, Holidays

Going to Sweden soon? What are your expectations? A shopping spree or a walk in the woods? Checking out different pizzeria’s pizza salad? For those of you who have read this blog for a while now probably know more about Sweden than most.

What would you then bring back from Sweden, either out of symbolic value or for maybe purely practical reasons? A famous Swedish invention? Osthyveln. (like the cheese slicer?) A Barba Pappa mug or a mug with Astrid Lindgren’s fictional characters on it? Would you maybe bring home a t-shirt with the warning sign with an elk on it? Varning Älg! 

You probably recognize the most common ones like Dalahästarna (the Dala Horses, carved and painted figures). Or the t-shirts saying “I love Stockholm” (Jag älskar Stockholm). Bring home a midsommarstång (midsummer pole) and tell all the people who ask what it is that it actually symbolizes fertility. Suppose most of you can guess the rest 😛


There are quite a few tips, but what have/would you bring home? Are there things that you have brought home from Sweden and given to others that have been very appreciated?


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  1. J. Eric:

    We traveled to Sweden in August of this year. While there we traveled to Sandviken, Motala and up to Orsa. My daughter’s prize Swedish souvenir was a bag purchased at Leksands Knäckebröd AB in Leksands with a lovely Dalarna Horse and other Swedish appliques. My wife brought back 6 small teaspoons to die for and two boxes of tasty Swedish “vacuum cleaners”. And while near Lake Vättern I purchase my prized handcarved Strömstare (White throated Dipper bird). Oh, and I took over 1300 high resolution digital photos of the Land of my Ancestors. I love Sweden and my Swedish relatives. I want to go back soon and buy more souvenirs.

  2. Gabriella:

    Okay I confess I brought cheese shovels home to the family. Never saw a Dala horse ANYwhere in my travels around Bjäre or Öland; guess you hafta go to Dalarna! Magnets of little red cottages for co-workers. . .My favorite shopping was loppmarknader (flea markets). And food.

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