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Stockholms 19:e internationella filmfestival Posted by on Nov 25, 2008 in Culture

I was going to talk about grammar today, because we haven’t done it in a long while. But how can I talk about something as mundane as grammar if something as exciting as the 19th Stockholm Film Festival is going on?

True, it’s going on a long way from here, but still. It’s exciting. And it’s big. And famous people actually show up there and stuff. You know… My town used to have a film festival too, but it died an unnatural death a couple of years back, if I remember correctly.

Anyway, the festival in Stockholm is going on until November 30th and from what I’m hearing and reading, the program is packed full of goodies. And you can still buy tickets to many screenings.

But if you are like me and live in the provinces, the only way you can share in the cultured experience is by reading about it on-line. And oh yeah, you can also watch it, too. The festival has its own snippets streamed on the net. The link is here and below is the shot of the opening night. Oh, Stockholm, how I miss thee…

So please load up on culture now, because next time I’ll be serving up hard. core. grammar.

image: Stockholms 19:e internationella filmfestival

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  1. Lizbeth:

    I am so happy to have discovered your blog while researching full-spectrum lights for my “daughter” in Stockholm. She lived with us in Mississippi 18 years ago. We finally visited Sweden June 2008 and loved it. Any recommendations for lighting?

  2. Arsh Jami:

    Hej Anna!Thank you for keeping us (on this side of the pond), aware of the Stockholm culture scene. I would so love to be there to enjoy the fantastic movies being screened! I am going to share the festival link with my friends in the Community of Sweden.
    And yes, a VERY HAPPY Thanksgiving to you! How do you celebrate it in your neck of the woods? Are turkeys easily available in your local grocery stores? Any Swedish touch to the Thanksgiving dinner? I would love to know more!
    Also, I have this fear that one day you may get tired of writing this blog … please assure us that it would not be so! I truly look forward to the diverse and fun topics you write about the country which we all love!
    With very best regards,