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Swedish Children’s Shows and Snoppen och Snippan Posted by on Jan 12, 2015 in Culture

Yesterday, Bacillakuten had it’s season premier on Sveriges Television. This shouldn’t really be a big deal. The show is one of those fun kid’s shows that aims to teach children while hopefully keeping them somewhat entertained and happy. Bacillakuten focuses specifically on teaching children about the body. Again, not a huge deal, really. We all have bodies and as children (and even as adults) we tend to have a whole lot of questions about those bodies. Plus, children’s TV shows are a really good way to work on your language skills.

But why are we writing about this show in particular? Why is it a big deal? Because before the season premier, Bacillakuten posted a short music video. An animated music video. An animated music video with a singing penis and vagina. These animated genitals were singing about, well, genitals.

Actually, they were singing about the words snippa and snopp, which are words that children and parents with small children sometimes use. Snopp being the word for penis and snippa for vagina. Sweden tends to be pretty open about a lot of things, especially when it comes to the body. Go to the beach on a warm summer day and you’ll probably see much more skin than on your average American beach, for example. But this video caused a bit of an uproar. Partly because it went viral and all of a sudden over half a million people were watching the video. Children don’t usually cause an uproar, but when adults start watching things, uproar follows.

There were plenty of people arguing from both sides. Some believed it was too crude for kids, others believed it was a way to reduce the stigma that sometimes comes with talking about penises and vaginas. And then there were some people that just think that the producers of TV programs for children are on drugs. For what it’s worth, I’m pretty solidly in the, no problem this is a cute way to get kids comfortable with their bodies.

Here’s the video. Just a warning, when I first tried to watch the video on YouTube without logging in, I was given a content warning. If you’re at work or if you’re sensitive to animated genitalia, beware.

So, now that you’ve seen it, what do you think? Let us know in the comments!

I’ve posted the lyrics below. They’re written by Johan Holmström. A lot of the words are nonsensical sing-song-y words, but see if you can understand what they are singing about!

Snoppen och Snippan
Popi-dopp-pop snippedi snopp!
Här kommer snoppen i full galopp.
Han som inga brallor har
dinglar med snoppen och rumpan bar.
Snippan är häftig, ja det kan du tro.
Till och med på en gammal tant
snippan sitter där så elegant. 

Så olika med nästan samma grej
Kissa kiss igenom snoppen eller snippan om man är tjej. 

Snoppen och snippan vilket härligt gäng
Snippan och snoppen sjunger vår refräng
Snoppen och snippan finns på vår kropp

Hänger och slänger på en liten kropp
Snippan är häftig, Baby I Love You.

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