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Swedish mystery no II Posted by on Aug 30, 2010 in Culture

Moving on quickly from yummy pizza salads to something less edible but equally confusing. Swedish ATM’s (bankomat), or more specifically, the way you insert your card in a Swedish ATM. Oddly enough, up there this in done upside down (uppochner), with the magnetic strip up as seen on the picture if you look closely. Why why why? This confuses me immensely. Never ever have I done this anywhere else in the world – or have I just not been to the right places?  Is there anyone else out there who’s also flipping the card over? Or is this yet another odd Swedish-ism? Please help me out here.

Remember when in Sweden, this side up!

If you’ve come across any Swedish mysteries, please share and we’ll do our best to solve them!

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  1. Letícia:

    That’s a mystery indeed. I like these sorts of peculiarities, though. It makes me think of the brits driving on the left! 🙂

  2. 0re0:

    What’s with the obsession with “Rhode Island” Dressing? I was in Sweden for a month earlier this year, and it was served with EVERYTHING, it seems…I even had a gyro at a greek place, and–since they were out of tzaziki–they put RI dressing on it, assuming that is what I would want!

    This is odd!

  3. Luke (Sydney):

    Brilliant actually! With the right side up, one would have to figure out which end in. Not that easy if you are far sighted (and refusing to wear glasses) 😉

  4. john eastlund:

    >If you’ve come across any Swedish mysteries, please share and we’ll do our best to solve them!

    On a few trips to Sweden in the past I was driving thru the countryside at night on major highways. Like most people around the world they put their low-beams on so drivers approaching from the opposite direction don’t get blinded. But in Sweden they turn their brights back on just before you pass them so you get blinded anyway. Why do they do that?

  5. Minty:

    Hey! Ozzies drive on the left too! Its good! Nyeerrr 😛

  6. Rastik:

    john eastlund: I didn’t have such problems with lights of fellow drivers in Sweden. But many cars had additional set of lights. Does anyone know why? I don’t think it gets soooo dark there that you need more light when driving.

  7. jennie:

    0re0: you are right! We are obsessed with Rhode Island dressing… I wonder why?? That’s def a mystery to look into!

    Luke: I take your point,! A new way of looking at it 🙂

    John: I don’t drive unfortuantely, so I have not come across this, must ask around!

  8. Camilla:

    Rastik: which month were you in sweden? It definetly get THAT DARK.