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Prepositions are hard. In just about any language. Just think about some of the prepositions we use in English. They don’t always make sense. Trying to learn a different language, like Swedish, prepositions can be a challenge. There are plenty of prepositions to choose from. Below you’ll find a quick list, but this post will be focusing on the prepositions and i.



bakom behind
bredvid next to
framför in front of
hos at someone’s
i in
mellan between
ovanpå on top
över/ovanför over/above
under under (or during)
vid at

Ok, so now we have a solid list of prepositions. But what do we do with them? We can’t always use the English equivalent when we’re speaking Swedish. Especially when it comes to and i or on and in. Luckily, while there might not be a hard and fast rule, there are a few things we can follow.

When it comes to på, there are a few categories that we want to use it with. First, just a few places that you use på with:



(en) bank bank
(en) bio movie theater
(en) restaurang restaurant
(en) semester vacation
(ett) dagis daycare
(ett) sjukhus hospital
(ett) universitet university/college

When describing a specific street address, you also need to use the word på. Along with these places, if you find yourself on an island, you’ll need to use .

So if you’re on vacation at 123 Main Street on the island of Gotland you would say, in Swedish: Jag är semester och bor 123 Main Street Gotland.

No problem right? Now let’s take a look at i. Same thing here, there are a few places that you just need to use i with. They are as follows:



(en) skola school
(en) affär store
(en) kyrka church
(ett) centrum center

You’ll notice that we use with university, but i with school. Just a heads up. Finally, in Swedish, we also use the word Ii when describing a country, city, or place. For example, if you live in Stockholm, in Sweden you would say: Jag bor i Stockholm i Sverige. Or for a place, maybe you want to describe that you saw a fish in the Pacific Ocean (I know, not the most exciting conversation starter, but work with me here) you would say in Swedish: Jag såg en fisk i Stilla havet.

Good luck with your prepositions!

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  1. Jennifer:

    Tack så mycket! Proper use of prepositions is one of the biggest areas I need help in.

  2. Steve:

    Tusen tack. Jag tycker om dem.

  3. Muntazir:

    Tack så mycket. Kan vi ha en post om partikle verb i svenska i framtiden.

  4. Marcus Cederström:

    Prepositions are tricky, but hopefully this helps a bit.