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Swedish Verb Synonyms Posted by on Nov 10, 2010 in Grammar, Swedish Language

Let’s say this is the second part of the synonyms on the Swedish blog. This time I try to explain to you some verb with slightly different meanings. The sentences I have chosen describe the action that the meaning of the verb stands for. So for example in the first sentence flanera means to walk around slowly with no special aim. The adverbs are always a great help when memorizing the words. The adverbs are so good for describing the verb/action.

 But honestly I don´t know when I said for example spankulera last time. But it is very funny so I will start spreading it!!!

Synonyms of “to go“: (But don´t forget that you can almost always mix and match most of these words since they are synonyms of each other) 

  • Jag flanerade långsamt och elegant omkring helt utan mål i Paris. (I strolled slowly and elegantly around without any aims in Paris.)
  • Vad smyger du runt här för så försiktigt? (Why are you sneaking around so carefully?)
  • Han lunkade sävligt i sin egen takt. (He was ambling leisurely in his own pace.)
  • Peter knallade ner till pressbyrån på gatan. (Peter walked down to the newsstand on the street.)
  • Det tog honom tre timmar att traska  med möda genom skogen, men till slut hittade han vägen ut. (It took him three hours to trudge painfully through the forest, but he found his way out at last.)
  • Hon gick från stånd till stånd i affären och spankulerade utan brådska. (She went from stall to stall in the shop and was walking around without being in a hurry).
  • Klara tog ett glas vin i handen och trippade omkring på tårna som en konstig, liten flicka på diskoteket. (Klara took a glas of wine in her hand and was tripping around /walking along with mincing steps) like an odd, little girl in the disco.)
  • Hon struttade omkring med stötiga steg som en anka. (She was walking around with jerky steps as a duck.)
  • Ska vi promenera genom parken? (Shall vi take a walk/promenade through the park?)
  • Varför går du och strosar här på min mark utan tillstånd, frågade ägaren? (Why are you sauntering here on my land without any permission, asked the owner?)

* gå och strosa is a common expression.

A little grammar extension for this post:

You don´t have gerund aka. Continuous tense in Swedish but you have something similar. There are of course several ways to express and translate gerundium from English to Swedish, but if you would like to express for example a continuous action then you can use constructions of two verbs at the same time in Swedish like;

Jag ligger och sover. Han sitter och läser. Jag står och väntar på bussen or Jag går och strosar omkring.

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  1. Carol Goller:

    I like this idea of giving synonyms. it opens a whole new world to me.

  2. Tibor:

    Well, I guess it is hard even for natives to understand the differences. But it is absolutely useful.

  3. Ann:

    I’ve been speaking Swedish for 10 years and some of this stuff is new to me. Thanks for posting.

  4. David:

    I have been looking at Swedish literature for my english class and i was wondering if there are any Swedish authors or books that you really like or are very popular in Sweden?

  5. Tibor:

    Most of the books I recommend here were printed in “Pocket version” in between 2000-2010. I am not sure about your students level but crime story is very popular right now. The trilogy of Stieg Larsson also available on film. Låt den rätte komma in – John Ajvide Lindqvist, Mig äger ingen Åsa Linderborg, An old favourite is Erlend Loe..he is Norwegian though, but he is popular all over Scandinavia just like the Finnish Sofi Oksanen – Utrensníng, Stalins kossor, Baby Jane. Youth Literature – Johanna Thydell- I taket lyser stjärnorna, Sara Kadefors Sandor slash Ida. Svinalängorna-Susanna alakoski, The most books of Jonas Gardell are also fine: En komikers uppväxt, Så här går det en dag ifrån vårt liv och kommer aldrig åter,